Pile of 109 Blanket Squares

The 109 Blanket

‘ve had a bit of time off, raising a tiny human but I’m starting slowly to get my cro-yo back on and have the occasional spare half-hour to actually do some of it!

This 109 Blanket might be the thing to help me get motivated again!

Second Glove Syndrome

Ever suffered from “second-glove syndrome”? That feeling of “hurrah!” when you’ve finished knitting the first glove, which quickly wanes as you start the second one?

This is an extreme tail of second-glove syndrome, those with a delicate sensibility may wish to stop reading here…..

Some rainbows and the hunt for the perfect quilt…

Hello, I hope that you’re doing OK during this pandemic and surviving whatever type of lockdown is going on in your country.  Here in the UK we’ve been “locked-in” for nearly 6 weeks now and I’m not letting it stifle my creativity! In the UK, rainbows are turning up in people’s windows, or on their […]

Mummy Knitting – Part 3, (The Crochet Edit…)

Here is the final post sharing pictures of the knitting (and crochet!) that I’ve been doing for my baby daughter. This time, the crochet stuff.  In this post I shared details of the crochet blanket that was made for her.  I’m of the opinion that you can’t have too many blankets and so I have […]

Mummy Knitting – Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my knitting adventures as a new mum! I couldn’t resist this pattern by Shja.  This is the Tiriltunge Pullover.  It’s knitted using fingering weight yarn (my favourite!) and I used some sock-yarn to make it more durable to the inevitable washing cycle! I couldn’t decide which colour buttons […]

Mummy Knitting – Part 1

As I mentioned in this earlier post, I’ve been busy knitting teeny tiny things for our new baby daughter.  I promised to share what I’ve been up to, so here goes… Firstly, ever little baby needs a teddy right? Even if to start with, that teddy is as big as you are!! Meet [un-named bear].  […]

Its been a long time coming…

Hello folks, sorry for my extended absence from the blog over the past few months.  Life got very eventful all of a sudden but I’ve not forgotten about my knitting and crochet in that time. Please excuse my absence, most of the things that I have been knitting have been very small, teeny tiny and […]

WIP Wednesday

Hello friends, it feels like a long time since I have shared a WIP Wednesday post. Sorry! I’ve been doing a lot of designing recently and so things have mostly been written and then re-written, knitting attempted and then ripped out when it didn’t work out as I thought it should.  Therefore I’ve had nothing […]

A Game of two halves….

Hello friends! My crochet journey recently has been a complete game of two halves.  I’ve been working very hard trying to stash-bust by yarn “collection” (ahem….to make way for new yarn…?).  As a result I’ve been trawling through my yarn, using it to inspire by project choice, rather than scrolling Ravelry for temptation! That has […]

New Pattern! This time it’s knitting!

I’ve been beavering away at a new pattern using Scheepjes Whirl and I’m excited to be able to say that the pattern has now been released! As you’ve possibly spotted by now, I love Scheepjes Whirl, however I felt that the knitters amongst us were getting slightly left out of the party.  There are a […]

I’ve got this all sewn up!

Some time ago, I decided that my lounge needed some new cushions.  Obviously, they would need to be either knit or crochet ones….right?? My mum and I had fun playing around with some stash yarn and working out a good colour scheme.  I decided that my “last dance on the beach” colours would be perfect. […]

Cross My Heart Crochet Cushion Cover

Fancy making a very simple crochet cushion cover?  Look no further, introducing “Cross My Heart” Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern, now available! I’ve recently been working on updating my colour-scheme at home.  Because I’m too lazy to paint walls, I decided to raid my stash and get creative with some yarn.  I created this crochet cushion […]

How to Two Colour Brioche Rib in the round

I’ve recently released this simple brioche rib cowl pattern.  I’ve pulled together this accompanying tutorial to show you how to brioche rib “in the round”. I want to persuade you all that brioche knitting really is simpler than is looks, so go on, go get the pattern (its free until 10th Feb 2019!) find some […]

How to make a knitting kit for beginners

Last year, my friend decided that she wanted to learn to knit.  That meant that I had to rack my brain to think about what she might need in terms of a knitting kit to get her started. Obviously, all she really needed was a ball of yarn and a pair of needles.  But it’s […]

A Sunday WIP update for you…it’s not all gone smoothly!

Hello folks, I thought that it was time that I shared a bit about what I’ve had on my needles and hooks recently.  I’ve got so many ideas running around in my head at the moment that I’ve cast-on several new pattern projects.  The problem is, I can’t quite work out which to work on […]

Who doesn’t want a new bobble hat?

I’m so excited to be able to announce this new knitted bobble hat pattern! Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Instagram will have seen the sneek preview of this hat that I posted last week (too excited to keep it to myself any longer!). After a final test yesterday (and a quick […]

Absent but not idle

Hello!  Sorry for the slight hiatus in posting recently, back in the real world I’ve got a new job and its taking a lot of my time, effort and focus to learn all the new stuff I need to know there. I’ve been missing you all though.  How have you been? Meanwhile, I’ve not been […]

Some boating and Last Dance in the Garden….nearly finished

Hello you lovely lot!  I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent, I’ve been doing “Life”!  I’ve missed you though so hello again! One of the reasons that I’ve not been able to post is that I’ve been on holiday (yay!) We had a lovely week on a boat on the Norfolk Broads. We had a […]

Lucy’s Lucky Shells – Design Published

A few weeks ago I came out for help testing a new shawl…the shawl with no name.  Three wonderful people came to my rescue and following their hard-work and feedback I’m pleased to announce that Lucy’s Lucky Shells Crochet Shawl Pattern is now “live” on Ravelry! If you’re interested you can find it here! I […]

Rainfall Shawl knitting pattern

One for the knitters – Introducing the Rainfall Shawl

This super-simple free knitting pattern for a knitted shawl looks effective in any variegated yarn. Knitted using stripes of garter and stockinette stitch with sections of eyelets, this asymmetrical triangle shawl is simple to knit and easily adjusted with two size options given!

New Crochet Design – the shawl with no name

Hello friends!  I’ve been super-busy over the past couple of weeks working on this new crochet design for a summer shawl. I have just one problem that I need your help with….but more of that later…! If I’m honest its been fighting me a little bit. The main-body is made up of this beautiful shell-pattern, […]

Garden Crochet – with extra Garden!

I’m really loving this May – the weather has been brilliant all month and I’ve been able to get a LOT of garden-based crochet and knitting done. I’m currently working on my Last Dance in the Beach (Last Dance in the Garden) blanket… I’ve got three rows joined so far and am working on joining […]

Last Dance in the Sun

Hello friends! The weather in England was glorious this weekend! It also (rather surprisingly!) coincided with a bank-holiday. Something that almost NEVER happens. Consequently I’ve been spending much time getting my cro-yo on in the garden! Well it’d be rude not to right!? I’ve been working hard to complete my Last Dance on the Beach […]

Ever fancied learning Tunisian Crochet?

Ever fancied learning Tunisian Crochet. The Tunisian Crochet “simple stitch” is exactly what it says…simple! I’ve created this (hopefully!) easy to follow step-by-step tutorial to help you learn how to crochet the Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch

How to crochet a granny square..it really is simple!

When you think of crochet, you may think “granny square”. Whilst there are a lot of other things you can do with crochet, the granny square is still (in my opinion!) one of the simplest ways to create something beautiful!

The Granny Square is surprisingly simple and in this quick photo tutorial, I’m going to show you step by step how to make a granny square!

The next thing on my list is…Mosaic Knitting!

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, you’ll probably have noticed that I get bored if I’m doing the same thing over and over….If you’re new to reading what I’m up to, hello, welcome to the mad-house! 🙂 After my foray into fillet crochet, with my “Rough Diamonds” shawl […]

It was another WIP weekend…

Well this weekend was yet another WIP wet weekend…when will summer arrive? I made the most of being confined indoors by working on my crochet! I’ve been cracking on with my “Last Dance on the Beach” blanket and I think I made some good progress over the past two days!

Learn how to crochet a Magic-Loop with this easy photo-tutorial

How to crochet a magic loop was one of the first tutorials that I posted. Here is an updated version. The steps are all the same but I felt it needed updating a bit! 🙂

This is a crochet tutorial, for a technique used to start crocheting “in the round”, for example when making a mandala or some amigurumi. Please don’t confuse it with the magic-loop knitting technique!

Re-brand alert!

So, I’ve been thinking for some time that my blog “brand” wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Briochealicious…my progress so far

Earlier in the week I shared my challenge in choosing a brioche pattern to knit.  I opted for this pattern called “Briochealicious” by Andrea Mowry.  Its a fairly simple pattern, with brioche stripes interspersed with sections of garter stitch (I hate garter stitch so I hope that I can live with it once completed!) At […]