Absent but not idle

Hello!  Sorry for the slight hiatus in posting recently, back in the real world I’ve got a new job and its taking a lot of my time, effort and focus to learn all the new stuff I need to know there.

I’ve been missing you all though.  How have you been?

Meanwhile, I’ve not been lazy on the knitting and crochet front and have some great new “Finished Objects” to share with you!

Last Dance on the Beach

Starting with….My Last Dance on the Beach (Last Dance in the Garden) blanket, which I have FINALLY completed at last and I love it!last-dance-finishedlast-dance-finished-2

Now that the weather has turned a colder, I’ve been enjoying snuggling up under it in the evenings.

I’ve been working hard on this blanket for getting on for 2 years now (obviously not continuously!).  I’ve blogged about it a few times over that period, so well done for keeping up with my progress.  If you want to see the journey I’ve been on, you can find the “back-catalogue” of posts here:

A new Brioche Pattern coming soon….

I’ve completed a new brioche project.  It’s a very simple brioche cowl, knitted using two different colours of Malabrigo Arro yarn.  It’s a super-soft “sport” weight yarn.  I’ve chosen to use two very similar colours.  I think they blend really well don’t you?


If you’ve not tried brioche before, I’m planning on writing up this pattern with some brioche instructions so you can have a go to.  Trust me, its a lot easier than it looks!

Zig Zag Fab

Just in case you missed, it, my Zig Zag Fab shawl has been published and you can find it here.


There are some really beautiful versions of this shawl out there too, one that caught my eye recently was this gorgeous example by Raquel at Precious Crochet Creations.  Isn’t it lovely!?

“Claire” Poncho

After being visited by my (very stylish) friend and lusting after her gorgeous knitted poncho, I decided I needed one in my life!  I’ve recently completed this pattern.  It’s called “Claire” by Ninja Chickens (what a great name!!)


New Poncho Design

And finally, I’m part-way through a new poncho design of my own….details to follow!

So far I have swatched and done some size and yardage calculations so I’m almost ready to start and get cracking on writing up and test-knitting my pattern!

So, best get back to it! 🙂

15 Responses

  1. Your Last Dance blanket looks wonderful! Great job on that one. And I love the brioche cowl, too! I want to try brioche, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. That looks like a great place to start!

  2. Great to see you posting again. Hope the new job is going well. The blanket is amazing. Reminds me of the tremendous variety of stitches that you can crest from just a hook and yarn. I’m trying my hand at knitting currently and have set myself a challenge for 10 types of stitches, but I dint think brioche was one of them. Is it easy?

  3. norfolk knitter

    Hi Jo, love the blanket. Hope the new job is rewarding for you. I have been teaching myself to knit sleeves on 4 needles ……….

  4. norfolk knitter

    The pattern – Rowan Soft Yak Norbu – calls for both 4 needles and circular needles – it is good to learn new things ………..First sleeve completed ! I hate sewing up so this is a result ! One of the good things about the dark evenings is that there is more time for knitting…

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