Some boating and Last Dance in the Garden….nearly finished

Hello you lovely lot!  I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent, I’ve been doing “Life”!  I’ve missed you though so hello again!

One of the reasons that I’ve not been able to post is that I’ve been on holiday (yay!) We had a lovely week on a boat on the Norfolk Broads.


We had a lovely time bobbing away on the broads, although it was VERY busy and finding spots to moor was pretty tough.

Instead we opted for chucking down the “mud-weight” (anchor sorta thing) in the middle of a broad and chilling out.  Thank goodness we’d brought food and beers / gin with us! 🙂  Lovely!


We even had a duck come say hello, I think she slept on the back of our boat! Hello Duck!


In other news I have of course not been neglecting my yarn-craft!

My new Scheepjes Whirl Shawl made it to my Brother’s (and new Sister’s) wedding and got worn a little, even if it was a bit too hot for shawls!

It also has a name (yay!) and is in testing and I’ll be ready to release soon hopefully!


I’ve also been working very hard on my Last Dance in the Rain (Last Dance on the Beach) blanket.  I promised in this post here that I’d be finished by June 2018.  I’ve not quite made that target but considering I started in Feb 2017, I’m still glad that it is nearly finished!

I’ve now finished all the squares and joined them together (here it is hanging out on a chair in the garden)


I’ve also woven in ALL the ends (GAH!)


And I’m half-way through the border.  I’m hoping that I’ll get it finished within a week!  Just in time too, after months and months of nearly 30 degree heat, it’s suddenly gone a bit chilly so I’ll need it to keep my legs warm.


My mind has also turned to a new knitting pattern… watch this space!

I hope you are all well and enjoying “life”! 🙂

That’s all for now!




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  1. Super awesome! I hate sewing in ends, but I love having a little pile of cut-off leftovers to show for my efforts. And that’s a cute duck! I love when they come visit, though I don’t go to places where ducks frequent very often these days. The blanket is looking great!

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