WIP Wednesday

Hello friends, it feels like a long time since I have shared a WIP Wednesday post. Sorry!

I’ve been doing a lot of designing recently and so things have mostly been written and then re-written, knitting attempted and then ripped out when it didn’t work out as I thought it should.  Therefore I’ve had nothing to share except for a large ball of frogged yarn!

Good news though, two of the things I’m working on at the moment have finally reached a stage where it is worth sharing pictures!

The first one is a lace knitting project that I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with (as those of you that follow me on Instagram will have noticed!).  I have been trying to work out an asymetrical shawl pattern but I just couldn’t get it to work out so I’ve given up and gone back to something rectangular.


The asymetric one will wait for another time and different yarn I think!

Knitted using (you guessed it) Scheepjes Whirl….love this yarn so much!

When the lace knitting is getting too much, I’m also working on this simple striped scarf.  A bit the wrong season for it here in the UK but knowing how slow I am at actually finishing projects, I should get it done by December when it needs to be worn!


I’m knitting this using Schepjes Stonewashed (still stashbusting!).  I wasn’t sure that these colours would work together but I’m really pleased with the way that the stonewahsed effect on the yarn helps them all blend together!

I’m also getting help from some lovely testers who are knitting through (and helpong me correct!) my cabled cushion cover.  Named “Olivia” it will be released soon!


This is knitted using Scheepjes Merino Soft (honestly, just stash-busting, not sponsored by Scheepjes, although I might as well be from this post! ha!

I am also sat here next to a stack of three Cascade 128 yarn that I’ve been working on a new design with, in early stages of that so nothing to “tease” you with but hope to be able to share something soon.  I am planning for it to include brioche and possibly some mosaic knitting too!  Watch this space though, based on my recent performance It’ll probably be crochet!!

Speaking of Crochet, I’ve not forgotten that in favour of knitting.  I’m working on another “Joy’s Journey” blanket too.  My third one in fact.  The first two were gifted!


I love this project for a totally mindless way to occupy my hands whilst watching TV in the evening!

Hope you’re all having a good week!



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      1. I like the speed to make something (if I focus on it over a weekend and depending size of article) but I understand about space. Mine either goes under a bed or behind a sofa but I got a 24” loom. You can get smaller and the Knitters Loom folds in Half to make it mobile. It can be an investment, even for rigid heddle loom, but when I think what I have spent over the years on hooks, needles and cables, it’s probably similar.

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