Briochealicious…my progress so far

Earlier in the week I shared my challenge in choosing a brioche pattern to knit.  I opted for this pattern called “Briochealicious” by Andrea Mowry.  Its a fairly simple pattern, with brioche stripes interspersed with sections of garter stitch (I hate garter stitch so I hope that I can live with it once completed!)

At the start of March, I snuck away to Dubai to meet up with a friend of mine, who now lives in Australia.  Dubai is fairly close to half-way so it seemed rude not to!  I decided that this shawl was going to be a fairly mindless knit, exactly what I needed for my holiday knitting.

I managed to get a fair amount of knitting done, in between all the people-watching (thank god for sunglasses hiding your eyes!), reading, sunbathing and general nattering!

Here I am trying to keep cool with a cocktail whilst knitting on the beach (in the shade, I’m far too fair to tan nicely!)


I even managed to sneak a bit of crochet in, when I did some of my “Last Dance on the Beach” blanket squares on the beach!


In response to my picture my sister-in-law said “only you would knit in 40 degree heat!”…..”don’t be silly I said, it was only 35 degrees!! ha!

Anyway, I digress….this was a great holiday knit and I managed to get all of the blue-brioche stripe and some way down the garter knitting whilst I was away.

After a concerted effort since I’ve got back, I’ve managed to finish the second (in my case pinky/purple brioche stripe) and I’m now half-way through the third garter section….yawn….!

Sorry, part of the reason I’ve been a bit tardy with getting a post up about this is that its really not the most interesting thing to photograph!!


For those of you that haven’t nodded off with boredom at the picture above…one more try to lull you to sleep….the final colour I have to use is this teal/green colour.  I love this colour so I’m looking forward to getting through the garter stitch to get onto it!


As you can see from the designer’s photograph below, this is a crescent shawl, that means that each row adds stitches and each row takes longer!! It means that your project starts off fast but gets slower and slower! not great for someone as impatient as me!


I’m enjoying it though so I will persevere!

Thanks to the people who have been sharing your brioche project ideas with me in previous posts.  I’m going to keep on knitting this brioche but I’m already planning my next projects!!




18 Responses

  1. M-R

    To persevere is a must ! – you’re doing really well.
    Don’t you think Drea is about the prettiest thing around ? – I love her smile.
    (Old ladies always like smiles.)

  2. The only thing that would stop me from knitting on the beach in 35 degrees is the sand. I’m a little (let’s agree with “a little”, ok?) obsessive so I’d be freaking out that I’d get sand in my knitting. And I can’t even explain why would it bother me. Other than that, the photo makes me totally jealous! Just a perfect day 🙂

  3. Looks pretty! And yeah, I see no reason to not knit on the beach in the heat. As long as there aren’t any silly people kicking sand around, that is. (Just the thought of getting sand in my hand-knits sends a shiver down my spine. *shudder*)

  4. Rose

    Very pretty! I like the brioche interspersed with the garter stitch! It looks great all done on the model, very lovely colors too, goes together very well!

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