Mummy Knitting – Part 1

As I mentioned in this earlier post, I’ve been busy knitting teeny tiny things for our new baby daughter.  I promised to share what I’ve been up to, so here goes…

Firstly, ever little baby needs a teddy right? Even if to start with, that teddy is as big as you are!!

Meet [un-named bear].  It seems a shame to name him, she can choose her own name for him when she is older.  At the moment he is just teddy.


This is one is the “Berry Bear”Pattern by Amanda Berry.  I love her patterns for toys, they are so simple to follow and always come out brilliantly.  There are a few toys already lurking in our house that I’ve knitted over the years, I’m sure they will soon be getting chewed by their new owner!!


I’ve also been knitting clothes.  There are so many adorable patterns out there and as we were also busy moving house whilst I was pregnant, I didn’t have time to get my designer-hat on and make my own!

I made this gorgeous little striped cardigan.  Still too big for her at the moment but I’m looking forward to her being big enough to show off in her rainbows!


This pattern is Petit Arc-en-ciel by Solenn Couix-Loarer.  Another simple pattern to follow.  I particularly liked the “stash-busting” properties of these stripes around the yoke.


And what rainbow cardigan is complete without rainbow buttons?


Unfortunately, I knitted it in some acrylic DK yarn that turned out to be quite “stiff”.  I was trying to knit for a baby, you know, puke, poo, etc and needed stuff I could throw in the washer.  Thankfully after a couple of washes with fabric softner and (very bravely!) a spin in the tumble drier, it got a lot softer and, whilst not perfect, is good enough!

Best dash, more mummy knitting (and crochet to follow!)

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