The 109 Blanket Continues

brown and green squares from 109 Blanket

A quick update for you on my 109 blanket progress…

This pattern is ADDICTIVE! each square is really simple and completely mindless.

I’m currently a little obsessed with Grays Anatomy (blame my Sister in Law!) and as there are many many seasons, I’ve got many many hours of crochet time! This straightforward pattern is the perfect companion.

As I mentioned, I sorted out all of the balls into pairs, which took a while but was totally worth it as that means that I can really quickly pick the next colour-pair from the box and get on with the next square!

After selecting them at random initially, I decided to do colour-groups at once, starting with the ones I was less keen on and moving towards the really pretty ones. Heck, I’ll do anything to stave off that “neverfinishaprojectitis!”

So far I’ve completed all of the green squares….

Green squares from the 109 Blanket

And all of the brown ones…

brown squares from the 109 Blanket

And now I’m starting to work on the pink ones (pretty!!!)

pink squares from 109 Blanket

I’ve decided to weave in the ends and block (yes you need to block stuff please!) as I go along so that I’m not left with a stack of squares to finish off after all the crochet is done (more tools for staving off neverfinishaprojectitus!)

blocking squares from the 109 blanket

I hope it looks as good when it is finished as it does stacked-up on my windowsill!

My only complaint about this project would be that the yarn is a little “splitty”. It could be that to get to gauge I’m having to use a fairly small hook (3.5mm) and its a bit small for the yarn but who knows. Its a pretty small compliant in the scheme of things!

Right – best get back to the crochet!!

Happy hooking guys!


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