Its been a long time coming…

Hello folks, sorry for my extended absence from the blog over the past few months.  Life got very eventful all of a sudden but I’ve not forgotten about my knitting and crochet in that time.

Please excuse my absence, most of the things that I have been knitting have been very small, teeny tiny and I was feeling a bit protective / superstitious about sharing pictures of them.

I’m now happy to share that our daughter has safely arrived in the world and is happy to be clad in mummy’s knitting (well she’s too small to complain about it anyway!)

I’ll post pictures of what mummy (that’s me!) has been knitting for her soon but first I wanted to share two very special items that she had gifted to her.

The first is this lovely colourful crochet blanket, made for her by her Great-Aunty.


The same wonderful person is to blame for me being able to crochet at all as she taught me one Christmas.  I could already knit and I remember a frustrating few hours wondering why my little finger wouldn’t behave itself, it kept wanting to get involved like it does when I’m knitting!  Thankfully it got over itself and now behaves perfectly!

Grandma (my mum!) also got her needles out for the first time in years and knitted this adorable little cardigan.


Look at these adorable little buttons!


What a lucky baby to have such beautiful things made for her.  Now Grandma is back on the “dark-side”, I’m wondering whether I need to be more protective over my wool stash! haha!

Right, I’d best go tend to the adorable (OK, she’s screaming again…!) little baby.  More soon!

Happy Crafting!

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