New Crochet Design – the shawl with no name

Hello friends!  I’ve been super-busy over the past couple of weeks working on this new crochet design for a summer shawl. I have just one problem that I need your help with….but more of that later…!

If I’m honest its been fighting me a little bit. The main-body is made up of this beautiful shell-pattern, so I wanted a border with something shell-like which matched this design…


There were LOTS of different attempts with a scrap-yarn of the same weight…mostly not successful!


Even once I’d settled on a design, I still had to re-do the border design 3 or 4 times before I got it to a place that I’m happy!

I am now happy though!


I also had a little trial and error with blocking it, I accidentally pulled it too much in one direction and made it way too big! (DOH!)  thankfully a second, more considered blocking has fixed that.

I know not everyone thinks that blocking is magic, but check out before and after pic of the border to see if you can be convinced!

Before….in design phase…


After, blocked to perfection…


Isn’t that better?? If you’re convinced but not sure how to block?  check out this simple tutorial, it really is worth it, I promise!

So I’m now ready to show it off and get the pattern written up and released..

So here it is, draped artistically on my bench because, thanks to a rubbing-shoe related blister incident, walking hurts today and I can’t be bothered to hobble upstairs to get my tripod to take a picture with me modelling it!!! haha!


Like I said above, I have one problem….I’m not feeling very creative with names at the moment!  Does anyone have any ideas what to call this shawl??  All ideas gladly considered!!

Oh, and if anyone fancies testing my pattern once I’ve finished writing it up, please let me know!

Edit:  Tested and released! 🙂 you can find the pattern here

Thanks everyone!



28 Responses

  1. Looks amazing and I love the colour you chose. The body of the shawl has a bit of a flowery look too, like lots of carnations maybe. But I too am not great at naming things. Happy to be a tester though if you are stuck.

  2. Jo

    It’s gorgeous! Wishing Shell Shawl…?

    I’d love to test the pattern for you…although I’m not the fastest hooker – I would class myself as a beginner to intermediate level crocheter.


  3. Donna

    Oceana jewel, because of the shell design made me think of mermaids 🧜‍♀️ and the border looks like a tiara 👸. I would love to be a tester but I’m a bit slow as I work full time. I would love to try it in a scheepjes whirl 😍

  4. It is beautiful Jo! How about the abalone shawl? They have those beautiful shimmering mother of pearl in their shells. And if you still need testers I’d be happy to test for you too 🙂

      1. No problem Jo, I definitely look forward to seeing your other shawl, I was thinking of (finally) getting my hands on a whirl so that would be perfect 😊

  5. All I can say is WOW! That shawl is incredible! I love the border. Crochet totally baffles me. I need two needles and straight in a row stitches. All I ever got with crochet attempts was a bunched up ball of knots. So I am duly impressed.

  6. Shawnalee Whitney

    Lovely design. Will be watching for the pattern. You’ve probably decided on a namenalready, but I’ll share my idea in any case. The combination of the shapes of the shells and the beautiful pink color you’ve chosen reminded me of foxgloves in midsummer. Symbolically, foxgloves represent protection. Maybe the name could be something like Praesidium, the Latin term for protection.

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