The 109 Blanket

Pile of 109 Blanket Squares

I’ve had a bit of time off, raising a tiny human but I’m starting slowly to get my cro-yo back on and have the occasional spare half-hour to actually do some of it!

I saw this pattern and I couldn’t resist!

Gorgeous isn’t it (not my picture!)

In her pattern, Johanna recommends using the Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack. 109 balls of teeny tiny colour for you to get your hook stuck into! I’m always a sucker for lots of tiny balls of yarn (or big balls, I’m not sizest!) and so thought it was rude not to give it a try.

Each square is made up of two coordinating colours, a light one and a darker one. Whilst I could have gone my own way and created my own style, I decided that I liked the original design and so the first step was to go through and match 109 balls of yarn together!

I’m not going to lie, that took quite a long time. Luckily the tiny-human was in bed at the time, or it could have taken a LOT longer as she would inevitably have wanted to “help”!

Once sorted, I safely stored them all back in the box, (high up out of the way of tiny human!)

Now I can get started on the important thing – getting the squares done. With 109 to do, I figured if I could get 2x done a day, I’ll get this thing done before Christmas….

The pattern is slightly hard to get your head around at first, no chart makes it tricky for visual learners like me, but each square itself is pretty simple (and all identical!). That means that once I’d got started on the first one and worked out what the pattern was saying practically speaking, its pretty good crochet for doing in front of the TV. No brain-power required, which is great news for me. I swear I’ve lost some braincells in the last 2 years!!!

stack of 109 Blanket crochet squares

So far so good, I’ve completed 11 squares….wish me luck with the remaining 98!

Pile of 109 Blanket Squares

and NO – I’m not taking bets on whether I’ll actually still have 50-odd of these squares to complete by next July!




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  1. Those look so good Jo! And I totally feel you, tiny humans are great but they don’t mix too well with yarn 🤣 my two boys always try to steal my projects (before they are finished 😅)

      1. At the moment my 3yo’s favourite thing is grabbing a ball of yarn, and tangling it to the end of its life, then telling me “look mummy I made a T. rex!” 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Wow, what a project! Good Luck! It will be beautiful. I am currently using Calista for a cardigan for myself. Since I rarely make things for myself it keeps getting shuffled to the end of the line. But the yarn is lovely to work with.

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