Mummy Knitting – Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my knitting adventures as a new mum!

I couldn’t resist this pattern by Shja.  This is the Tiriltunge Pullover.  It’s knitted using fingering weight yarn (my favourite!) and I used some sock-yarn to make it more durable to the inevitable washing cycle!


I couldn’t decide which colour buttons to use, so I used all three!


This next cardigan will be the Baby Fir Jacket by Isabel Demarchais.  This pattern is slightly harder to follow and I’ve found a few errors in it, but its still a gorgeous little jacket and for an experienced knitter the errors are easy to spot and correct before you go too far.  Nothing too much, just some row-counts seem to be off.  I know as a designer that its super-hard to get that right, even if you have tested though!!


Despite the fact that she was several days late, I still didn’t get chance to finish this cardigan before she was born.  In the last few weeks I’ve (strangely!) not had time to do a lot more either, maybe a few rows whilst she is asleep.  Problem is as soon as she is asleep I feel that I need to tend to the multitude other jobs in the house and knitting has to take a back-seat!

Its a another “fingering” weight yarn pattern so I’ve used sock-yarn again.  This one is for a bigger baby so I’m hoping I get time to finish before it fits her.  I just need to finish off the arms, which shouldn’t take too long!


I love the simple lace pattern around the neck-line, nothing too frilly but adds some interest!

In Part 3, I’ll share my crochet projects!!

Happy Crafting!

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