Lucy’s Lucky Shells – Crochet shawl pattern

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my new crochet shawl design.  At the time it had no name.  Thanks to everyone who suggested something, I’ve taken inspiration from your suggestions and I’m pleased to announce that it has now been named!

I’m calling this crochet shawl Lucy’s Lucky Shells, after my new sister-in-law!  I designed it to wear at her wedding to my brother.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, for them!) it was a bit warm to wear on the day!

Several very kind people offered to help test my pattern.  It’s still going through the final stages of testing but I couldn’t resist sharing some of the progress pictures that I’ve been sent already by my testers!

The fantastic Jo is working through using this Stylecraft Life 4-ply…I’m told its more blue than it looks here but I think it looks gorgeous!

Lucy's Lucky Shells.PNG

She’s getting on well as you can see from her latest instagram post!

The wonderful Donna has already completed the pattern!  She’s using this beautiful Scheepjes Stardust yarn, as posted on her FB page.

She has also sent me this fantastic montage of her finished shawl…doesn’t it look beautiful? such artistic shots, I love them!

Lucy's lucky shells Donna

The brilliant Jamie is working through the pattern but keeping it under-wraps….how exciting!!  I hope to be able to share pictures soon!

Edit:  Some pictures have been shared over on Jamie’s blog.  Check it out (and have a look around when you’re there, he’s been working on some great stuff! 🙂 )

Like all good testers, they have identified a few tweaks that need to be made to the design, once the testing is all completed and I’ve updated the design, I’ll be able to release it into the world!  Hopefully in the next few weeks.

I’m enormously grateful to all three of them for their speedy work, great pics and attention to detail!  Thanks so much, I really couldn’t do this without you guys! 🙂

Update:  Pattern now released! you can find it here!

Happy Hooking folks!



5 Responses

  1. Jo

    Goodness – Donna’s already finished!?!? It looks fabulous! Sorry I’m taking so long…going as fast as I can!

  2. Absolutely beautiful crochet shawl pattern, Jo! The details and scalloped edging are marvelous! I’m glad to read that it will be ready to release soon. Bravo! 🙂

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