Here comes a new Scheepjes Whirl Pattern!

So, although I’ve been a little absent from blogging the past few weeks, I’ve not been absent from yarn.  I’ve been very busy finalising a few of my designs.  I posted last week about my “Lucy’s Lucky Shells” crochet shawl, name now decided thanks to your inspiration.  It’s currently being tested! yay!

Today I’d like to tell you about my latest shawl pattern!  Like my Rough Diamonds pattern, this is designed to use a whole ball of Scheepjes Whirl. I’ve made it using “Tasty Nom nom”.  Unfortunately the blazing sun (I’m not complaining!!!) has made photographing this difficult but here are the best ones I could get…




The pattern is written and also charted, intended to be easy to follow and a bit of a mindless crochet, once you get into it!

I’m once again calling on you lovely lot for help.  I’m struggling again for a name….”Chevron shawl” seems so boring but I’m struggling with inspiration!  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, you helped me a lot last time!

Also, if there is anyone who would be willing to test this pattern I’d be super-grateful.  If you would be willing to help me, you can leave me a note in the comments section below or use my contact form.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who has offered to test, I have enough testers now but if anyone wants to test future stuff then please still get in touch and I’ll add you to a list of potential testers!

EDIT AGAIN:  This Pattern has now been released.  You can find it here!

Thanks folks! 🙂




22 Responses

  1. Nicola

    Very pretty design. Perhaps you could go with the theme of Whirl by calling it In a Spin Chevron Shawl? Or perhaps Revolution, Gyre or Pirouette. Actually I really like that last one.

  2. Lisa Joyce

    Pirouette sounds good to me…fab pattern…if you need a tester I have 2 whirls sitting here with no plans😉

  3. Your latest shawl looks amazing. And already some great ideas for names. Was thinking something along waves too, maybe Diamond Waves or maybe ripple.
    You know I would offer to test, and I do have some Scheepjes sitting in stash, but I had better focus on testing your Lucky Shells pattern. However, if stuck, it could always be my holiday project.

  4. Meta

    You’re such a crochet designer!!! Love all your patterns❣ Look so forward to crochet this pattern! Please don’t forget me when you will finish it💕

  5. ELeni

    I just came across your blog and that‘s really a lovely pattern! If you still need someone to test: I‘d like to do! Just got a „tasty nom nom“, but the pattern I started doesn‘t show off the colors as well as your pattern does 😀

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