Second Glove Syndrome

Ever suffered from “second-glove syndrome”?

That feeling of “hurrah!” when you’ve finished knitting the first glove, which quickly wanes as you start the second one?

This is an extreme tail of second-glove syndrome, those with a delicate sensibility may wish to stop reading here…..

Earlier, I was digging around in my WIP box (yes, it needs a box….as I’ve said before, I’m NOT a completer finisher….!) when I found a pair of gloves that I started knitting in September 2016…..!

second glove syndrome

One of them beautifully completed, just the ends need weaving in. The other a stunted, fingerless creation that had been lurking for over 4 YEARS waiting for me to finish it!

Maybe 2021 is his year? Maybe it isn’t….I’ll be sure to let you know.

It’s not like I really had an excuse, I’ve been knitting gloves a lot recently, I knitted a pair of “convertible” ones for my dad for Christmas and also knitted a pair for my other half.

I’ve also just started knitting these very teeny tiny gloves for my daughter…..just got to hope that second glove syndrome doesn’t strike again!

Even if it does strike, I’m not sure they will ever get worn….she REFUSES to wear gloves, even if her hands are FREEZING cold! I thought that maybe some gloves which had her fingers free to fiddle about with things might work better.

Our trial last night didn’t go well however, it was off again within a few seconds. Just got to knit glove two, then find some gaffer-tape to keep them on her!

So what about you? – are you a serial project-finisher? or like me, do you end up leaving things half-finished?

What is the worst case of second-glove syndrome (or sock!) that you have ever had??



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  1. Nicola

    I’m the same these days. Just knitted some fingerless mitts for DH and was reminded I dislike things that come in pairs!!!

  2. Yes, I have definitely suffered from second “accessory” syndrome. So much so that nowadays I always try to do things two at a time (either on the same needles or two sets of identical needles–always a good excuse to buy more needle sets! LOL!). Even sweaters with fronts and backs the same feel like a slog when you get to the second piece, so right now I’m doing a sweater like this but I have two sets of needles going so I do around 10 rows on one and then 10 rows on the other so they are working up together and hopefully I’ll finish the sweater this year! 🙂

  3. How about second sock ripper? I didn’t like the look of one of my very intricate sock and tore it all out and started again. That makes 3 socks I’ve had to knit. BUT it was set aside for months before I took it up. Mainly because it was summer and who wears wool socks in the summer? But here I am 10 rows from finishing my 3rd sock. So don’t feel bad, we all have our knitting cross to bear, lol.

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