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Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m Jo!

I live in the beautiful (but rather flat, according to my parents, who miss the rolling hills and moors of the peak district, even after nearly 40 years of living “down south”!) county of Warwickshire.

I love knitting and crocheting, painting and drawing, cooking and baking and anything else creative really.  I’ve created this blog to record my attempts at making life more colourful and fun through the medium of yarn, possibly with the odd bit of art and food mixed in for good measure!!

When I’m not doing crafty things, I can either be found pounding the pavement, walking or running, usually for some challenge that my work colleagues and I have thought up to raise money for charity, or curled up (under a crocheted Afghan?) reading a good book!

I hope you enjoy reading about what I get up to as much as I enjoy jotting it down every spare minute I get!

A bit about my copyright

Except where I have stated otherwise, the work on this blog is my copyright.

For any of the patterns, recipes or other content that I have created, please don’t:

  • Claim any of the patterns, recipes, tutorials or other content on this blog as your own
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  • Sell any of the free patterns I have provided
  • Sell any of the projects that you create from my patterns without my prior written consent (I’m not necessarily against the sale of items made from my patterns, but I need to reserve the right to give consent (or not) on a case-by-case basis.)

For any of the patterns or content that I have created, feel free to:

  • Use the patterns and tutorials to create your own projects, for you, or to give to your friends and family, or to give away to charity
  • Print any of the free patterns or tutorials that I have provided, but please make sure that my name and website information remains intact on those printouts
  • Share a link to my content, either with online friends or on your own blog or website

Please check the terms of use for any of the patterns or pages that I link to, to make sure that you respect their copyright too

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason then you can use the form below! 🙂


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