A Game of two halves….

Hello friends!

My crochet journey recently has been a complete game of two halves.  I’ve been working very hard trying to stash-bust by yarn “collection” (ahem….to make way for new yarn…?).  As a result I’ve been trawling through my yarn, using it to inspire by project choice, rather than scrolling Ravelry for temptation!

That has led me to two complete ends of the spectrum in terms of recent projects.  I have been alternating between a lace-weight project using a 1.5mm hook and a blanket project using a 6mm hook!

Picture for context…I think you can guess which hook is which…!!


The lace-weight project is is this gorgeous 1950’s doily pattern, which I’ve re-imagined using this gorgeous green (its called “Spruce”) colour of Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon / Maxi Sugar Rush.


If you’ve not used this yarn before, its a lace-weight (2ply its called) yarn made from Mercerised Cotton.  I’ve found that makes it a little “stiff” for creating any kind of clothing from, but something like this doily, originally intended to be crocheted using crochet thread seems to work perfectly.

This called for use of a 1.5mm hook.  The hook bit is so small you can hardly see it! It took a bit of getting used to but I’m so pleased that I persevered as I love the end results!


I’m also making another “Joy’s Journey” blanket (see this post for my previous blanket, which I gifted to my friend in Perth Australia).  This is a free pattern from Dedri Uys on her “look at what I made” blog.  It really is a “mindless” project so I’m enjoying using this to unwind after the concentration required on my doily!


I hope you’re all having a productive weekend, whatever you’re doing!  I’m going to go back to Joy’s Journey now!!





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  1. I love having two opposite projects like that, it stops me getting bored with either of them when I switch between the two. Your doily looks amazing, how long did it take you?

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