I’ve got this all sewn up!

Some time ago, I decided that my lounge needed some new cushions.  Obviously, they would need to be either knit or crochet ones….right??

My mum and I had fun playing around with some stash yarn and working out a good colour scheme.  I decided that my “last dance on the beach” colours would be perfect.


Sorted….all I needed to do was to actually get by knit/croyo on and make me some new cushions.  Easy…right?

OK, fast forward a year or so….still no cushions.  There are just so many new projects that I want to make, cushions just never made it up to the top of the list!

So…this week I dusted off my sewing machine and went on the hunt for the perfect fabric.  Thanks to John Lewis and my local sewing shop (Carolyn Rose) I found the perfect colours!


After a quick reminder of how to make piping for cushions (and a few false starts with the sewing machine whilst I remembered how to use it! I managed to refresh the colour-scheme over a couple of days.

I’m super-pleased with they way they turned out!  I’ve used feather cushion pads (sorry vegans!) but that makes them really comfortable to sit on too.


Never one to stop at just a few cushions, I even found time to make some to go on the beds!  This fabric was just too beautiful to leave in the shop.

I’ve not forgotten about my yarn-choices though!  I have found time over the past few weeks to design (and knit!) a new cabled cushion cover in this gorgeous Scheepjes merino soft.


The pattern for this will be released soon.  If anyone fancies testing it out, please let me know!!

Because I don’t want the crochet-lovers in my life to feel left out, I’ve also just released this “Cross My Heart” Cushion cover pattern, made using Scheepjes Stonewashed and Scheepjes Catona.  If you’re interested, you can find that pattern here.


Now all I have to do is put my feet up in my new lounge and finish writing up the knitting pattern for the woven cushion cover! (and think of a creative name for it!!)

Best get on with it!



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