A Sunday WIP update for you…it’s not all gone smoothly!

Hello folks, I thought that it was time that I shared a bit about what I’ve had on my needles and hooks recently.  I’ve got so many ideas running around in my head at the moment that I’ve cast-on several new pattern projects.  The problem is, I can’t quite work out which to work on first! 

Some projects are so small, or still in design phase, there is nothing interesting to share.  A couple are more advanced though…

I’ll start with some Crochet…

I’ve been working on this idea for a new Scheepjes Whirl shawl (what else??), inspired by a shawl I made at the very start of last year.  I wear this shawl ALL THE TIME! I love how simple it is and the Green Tea Tipple Whirl is still my favourite, even after all the new colours!

Scheepjes Whirl Shawl - Green Tea Tipple

My favourite thing about this shawl is the alternating blocks of stitches.  Scheepjes yarn is so beautiful I like simple patterns that don’t “compete” with the yarn.

After pouring over my Crochet stitch pattern book (thanks Liz!) for suitable stitches, I came up with something that I thought would work.  After some rough sketching and plotting, I gave it a bash.  I was pretty pleased with how it was looking, so I wrote the pattern up properly. 

Then, seeing how I’m like a magpie when it comes to new projects, I got distracted and went off to do other things.  This hat, plus a brioche scarf and a poncho that I wrote about in a recent post, for example

I decided to come back to this recently.  Unfortunately, I got completely confused by the stitch count as it wasn’t matching up with the pattern.  As I’ve checked and calculated the pattern mathematically, I decided (heartbreakingly!) that there was only one thing to do.  Frog my entire progress and start again…Just look at all that frogged yarn! :o(


So I did….and I’m back to here and so far the stitch-count is working out!  There seems to be a lot of frogging and checking, counting and maths involved in pattern writing!

Its coming together the second time though! :o)


Next, some knitting…

Not wanting to neglect the needles, I’ve also had an idea for a knitted scarf, also using Scheepjes Whirl.  I haven’t seen very many patterns for knitters using Scheepjes Whirl, which seems a shame as its such a great yarn!

So, I had a browse in my knitting stitch pattern book (these books are GREAT for finding options for stitch patterns!) and came up with a couple of stitches that could work together.  I decided that I wanted something that was warm enough for winter, but with a bit of “lace”. 

Now, I’m not crazy about lace knitting patterns, they need SO much concentration.  I think they look fabulous when completed but I spend half my time counting and tinking that I get bored…

They are also hard to design with pen and paper.  Luckily I’ve discovered some great software called “Stitchmastery”.  It allows you to chart something out and it checks stitch counts for you.  You can also use it to create written instructions from the chart.  That has made life a lot easier! 

So, here I am, I’m about half-way through the 1st pattern repeat.  There is not a lot to see at the moment, and there is a long way to go!  I’m looking forward to the start of the next shade coming through in my whirl though!


Right, best get back to it or I’ll never get it finished!



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  1. Nicola

    Such beautiful projects. I admire your prolific use of the Whirl. I bought a similar yarn a few months ago, started a wrap, and stalled after a few inches. Such slow progress! So fiddly!

  2. Lovely work! Your projects are always an inspiration to me to get back to crochet, though I do default to knitting as knit lace is easier for me to read (and therefore figure out where I am) than crochet lace.

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