Some rainbows and the hunt for the perfect quilt…

Hello, I hope that you’re doing OK during this pandemic and surviving whatever type of lockdown is going on in your country.  Here in the UK we’ve been “locked-in” for nearly 6 weeks now and I’m not letting it stifle my creativity!

In the UK, rainbows are turning up in people’s windows, or on their driveways, painted by their children in support of the NHS.  Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to show my support for all of those wonderful people who are going out to work to keep the country moving I’ve had a go at crocheting a couple.  To be clear, when I say this I mean, ANYONE who is working hard to keep the country going, shop worker, delivery driver, NHS worker, bin collector, police, fire, etc etc…THANK YOU!

I started by finding a pattern and digging around in my stash to make this one to hang in the window.


Mr Jo Creates however was quick to point out that it wasn’t the “correct” colours.  Although I informed him that there was no such thing as “correct” when it came to creativity, I did have to admit that it didn’t follow the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet scheme that a real rainbow would.  So, I dived back into my stash and sorted out these colours, which I think fit the bill. Luckily they were near the top after making this cardigan last year!


I decided that the window in my door was the perfect shape for a rainbow so I set about (with much trial and error trying to get the right “curve” to fit the window) making this rainbow in the “correct” colours.


Now everyone in the house is happy with the rainbows adorning the house I can get back to the job at hand….getting creative with some fabric!

I’ve been wanting to make a patchwork quilt for some time.  It seems that making an “Heirloom” one for our daughter would be a perfect way to get crafty and have a good reason to do it.

Last weekend I went digging around in the fabric stash that I have.  I had a fair amount left over from the bunting that I made to decorate her room.


I think some of this will feature, but somehow its not bold enough so I’ve ordered some more fat quarters from a shop online and as soon as they arrive I’m going to get planning!!

More to follow as soon as the fabric arrives!!

Stay Safe and Happy Crafting!!




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