My 2017 in Wool…a round-up of 2017’s knitting and crochet

We are fast-approaching the anniversary of my Jo-Creates blog, coming up mid-January.  Thanks to all of you who read and follow my ramblings.  All of your comments and support are greatly appreciated and spur me on to create more!!  Without you there would be no point to what I’m doing!! 🙂 🙂

To celebrate my one-year blogiversary,  thought I’d do a couple of round-up posts with my favourite posts of 2017.  Starting with my 2017 knitting and crochet projects!

January – March 2017

In January, I started with my “Attic24, Cosy Stripe Blanket”.  Eventually finished in October, this charts my inability to have one WIP on the go at one time!!!


It also saw the completion of the blanket I took to my friend in Australia, created using this lovely Scheepjes yarn.


This year also saw the beginning of my obsession with Scheepjes yarn, when I took part in the Hygge CAL 2017 to great this gorgeous wrap…which I took to Australia with me and worked on in many places!

20170405_182749 - Copy

I soon discovered the newly released Scheepjes Whirl and after being excited to get my hands on some, started the first of a few shawls!  This one has yet to be completed, but two others have arrived since!!


April – June 2017

In April, my Scheepjes Whirl obsession continued and I managed to finish off the first of my Whirl Shawls using this Green Tea Tipple yarn.  I really love this scarf/shawl and wear it all the time.  2018 may see another of these!

Scheepjes Whirl Shawl - Green Tea Tipple

Another shawl followed closely in May and June with this MASSIVE one using two balls of Scheepjes Liquorice Yum Yum…


July – September 2017

In July, summer inspired me to create these mexican sun mandalas, useful as coasters for a little bit of summer sipping!


In August, Gerty the Giraffe was born

Knitted Toy - Gerty the Giraffe

….And Freddie the Field Mouse came to live with me!

Free Knitting Pattern - Freddie the Field Mouse

I also started exploring dyeing my own yarn at home.…and created a tutorial to help anyone else that wants to give it a go (its super easy!!)


In September, my “Rough Diamonds” Crochet Shawl was completed…and very pleased I was with it too! 🙂

SCheepjes Whirl Shawl - Rough Diamonds

In preparation for winter, I also started (still to be completed!) this linen stitch scarf


This hat made an appearance in September, followed by many versions of them for friends…


…and soon followed by a friend, this cabled hat


October – December 2017

The final three months of 2017 were taken up by cardigan knitting…even the sleeves (I hate them!)

I was working hard on this Crazy Stripes Cardigan, even managing to sneak in some garden-knitting during a surprisingly warm weekend in October!


I was also working on this new cardigan design for a random-striped cardigan.  It has now almost been completed, post on that to follow!


and this jumper….which is still going…..hopefully completed soon!


Wow, I have created a lot this year.  It’s been fun to look back on it and reminisce!  I wonder what 2018 will bring???

Have you all had a productive year?

Hope you’ve had fun whatever you’ve been up to!




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  1. M-R

    Whoever has only one WIP at a time ?- not even me and I’m nowhere near your skill level. 🙂
    That linen stitch scarf is super ! – is it a kind of double crochet ? I mean, different oour on each side ? I looked it up within your blog, but you don’t provide any kind of detail. Do so, oh please !

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