Stripes Gone Crazy is finished!

I’ve finally finished my stripes gone crazy cardigan!! 🙂 yay!!!

The yarn is lovely ans squishy and drapes beautifully.  I used Cascade Heritage Sock, really love this yarn and will use it again in a cardigan soon.  (I’m already working on my design!!!!)

So here it is…..crazy stripe…love it!


I’ve been a fairly monogamous knitter for the last couple of months and I’m pleased that it has been completed and I can now wear it with pride!! 🙂

I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern (I love that about knitting, you can make it how you want!

  1. I didn’t knit the stripes onto the sleeves, I prefer the plainer look.
  2. I made the sleeves 3/4 length because I got bored of knitting them because I prefer shorter sleeves, I’m forever rolling up long sleeves as they just seem to get in the way all the time!!

This is the back…I really love the way the stripes curl round.  Very clever pattern and I have to say, pretty simple to follow!


These pictures aren’t great I know (sorry!) it a bit windy outside today and far too cold to do too much faffing!!!

This is the front “done-up”.  Not sure I’ll ever wear it like this but its at least finished correctly with buttons!


I’m a little unhappy with the length that this turned out.  It goes way past my bum and so doesn’t really look so good done up.  I’m perfectly happy to wear it “open” though so I’m enjoying wearing it!

That’s all for today!  I’ve got to get out and go for my Saturday run! (BBRRHH its cold…wish me luck!!!)



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