Hygge all over the world….

Its been a while since I blogged, mainly because I have been in Australia visiting friends!  You may remember that I blogged about my Joy’s Journey blanket.  I’d decided to make it for my friend Beccy who lives in Perth in Australia.  It not as odd as it sounds, it does get slightly chilly in the evenings in the winter and I wanted to make her something to snuggle under!  The blanket made its way all the way to Perth and has found a new home there!  It had gotten quite large by the end and blocking it was interesting, I don’t have a mat big enough!!

Whilst I was there I decided that I needed to have a go at Hygge-ing in as many places as possible!  The weather being not that brilliant prevented me from Hygge-ing on the beach but I did manage to Hygge…

On the plane on the way to Australia…


In Beccy’s Garden…


At our holiday Cottage in Denmark…

20170405_182749 - Copy

In Beccy’s house when we got back…If you look carefully, in the background you can see Joy’s Journey folded up!


Not Hygge, but I did crochet all the way from Perth to Sydney on the plane…who knew that those neck pillows were perfect for holding wool on your knee on a plane too!?


and in Sydney..


Again, not Hygge, but I managed to get some crochet in on the way back home too!


Despite all the Hygge-ing I’ve still managed to fall behind!  I’m only on week 7 and the pattern has been released up to week 10! eek! best stop blogging and get back to Hygge-ing!!



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