Hygge CAL 2017 Update – Week 2

So!  After some hard work yesterday, I’ve finally completed the second week of the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017.  Last week, “everybody’s bobbling….”.  This week involved some surface crochet slip-stitches and a lot of cross-stitch. I found the cross-stitch a little challenging at first, its pretty hard to follow a pattern when the “holes” aren’t that […]

It’s been a while…

Hello, its been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been very busy with other things and I’ve also been suffering a bit with pain in my wrist (eek, too much crochet?!) so I’ve been taking it a bit easy the last week or so, giving my wrist time to heal a bit.  I’ve not been […]

Magic Loop Technique – crocheting in the round

I’m using the magic loop for a few of the designs that I’m thinking of at the moment so I thought I’d put up a tutorial for how I do it. This is a crochet tutorial, for a technique used to start crocheting “in the round”, for example when making a mandala or some amigurumi.  […]

Oops I did it again….

Earlier, I posted about accidentally buying yarn too gorgeous to use.  I’ve done it again…these Scheepjes Maxi BonBon yarns are gorgeous too don’t you think?  This time, I actually have a project in mind though…