Scheepjes Whirl Shawl

Scheepjes Whirl Shawl - Green Tea Tipple

I’ve finally finished my Scheepjes Whirl Shawl (You’ll remember I wrote about it here).  I’ve been concentrating on getting it finished instead of my Hygge recently but its now complete.  It is a perfect little thing to wrap around your shoulders when the weather is sunny enough to sit in the garden and read a book, but not quite warm enough to only sit out in a t-shirt.


The yarn has been a dream to work with, it really does very slowly move from colour to colour and it was a very exciting moment when (in our holiday cottage in Denmark, WA) I reached the start of the “green” colour.  My friend was asleep upstairs at the time, the next morning he said, “did I hear that you reached green last night…?!” haha! oops!

The pattern used for this shawl is the Atlantic Lace shawl, however I kind of got carried away, forgot to check the pattern and so ended up doing a bit of my own variation.  I didn’t do the lace border, instead opting for a single row of v-stitches and a single (US) / double (UK) crochet row to finish it.  I’m pleased with the finish, it looks clean!


It was nice enough in the garden to take some pictures, I think I got carried away!


20170425_100320_editedNow I’m just going to enjoy wearing it….! :o)

If you like this, check out my Liquorice Yum Yum shawl here. As you can see in this post here its popular with folks at work and gets stolen!!

I’m also working on a new Scheepjes Whirl Shawl using Blueberry Bam Bam.  You can see a sneek preview in this post here

EDIT: September 2017:

I’ve been working on this Scheepjes Whirl Shawl.  Pattern now released.  Find it here!

If you’re into shawls and fancy a knitted one, I’m also working on an assymetrical shawl design which you can see some of in this post here 



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  1. Frankie

    Hello 🙂
    I love your idea of using Whirl for this shawl ! I am planning on making one myself with the same yarn, and I was wondering what the final dimensions of the shawl were ?
    Sorry for the bother, but I can’t find the info anywhere..

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