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Scheepjes Whirl Shawl

I’ve finally finished my Scheepjes Whirl Shawl.  I’ve been concentrating on getting it finished instead of my Hygge recently but its now complete.  It is a perfect little thing to wrap around your shoulders when the weather is sunny enough to sit in the garden and read a book, but not quite warm enough to only sit out in a t-shirt.


The yarn has been a dream to work with, it really does very slowly move from colour to colour and it was a very exciting moment when (in our holiday cottage in Denmark, WA) I reached the start of the “green” colour.  My friend was asleep upstairs at the time, the next morning he said, “did I hear that you reached green last night…?!” haha! oops!

The pattern I was using was the Atlantic Lace shawl, however I kind of got carried away, forgot to check the pattern and so ended up doing a bit of my own variation.  I didn’t do the lace border, instead opting for a single row of v-stitches and a single (US) / double (UK) crochet row to finish it.  I’m pleased with the finish, it looks clean!


It was nice enough in the garden to take some pictures, I think I got carried away!


20170425_100320_editedNow I’m just going to enjoy wearing it….! :o)


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