I thought I’d give this a whirl

Scheepjes have recently released this new yarn called “Whirl”.  It comes in this giant “cake” of yarn which is 1000m long.  Easily long enough for a shawl I thought!.  The yarn is fingering weight and gradually colour-changes to make a really gentle transition between colourways.

From what I’ve discovered so far, they are right about the fact that the knot / join is easy to hide, as you can see from the (slightly dark!) photo here, its a bit flufy but you can’t see that once its worked into the stitches.


Unlike some fingering-weight yarn, it is really very soft and I had seen a pattern on Ravelry called Bruinen.  It is a beautiful lace shawl with a fairly simple 7-row repeat.  I thought it needed to be simple to show the yarn off to its best.

The shawl has started off nicely, the colour I’m using is called “Caramel Core Blimey” and the yarn starts off a lovely caramel brown, before going through cream and then getting dark brown at the end.


I’ve reached a couple of very subtle colour changes so far. The shawl is gradually getting lighter as we reach the cream bit! I’m excited to see how it will look when I’ve finished!



EDIT: August 2017

So this shawl didn’t get very far, the colour wasn’t doing it for me.  I did however finish this shawl instead, using Scheepjes Whirl Green Tea Tipple. Check out the finished one here! Scheepjes Whirl Shawl

Plus – If you like this, check out my Liquorice Yum Yum shawl here. As you can see in this post here its popular with folks at work and gets stolen!!

EDIT: September 2017:

I’ve been working on this Scheepjes Whirl Shawl.  Pattern now released.  Find it here!


If you’re into shawls and fancy a knitted one, I’m also working on an assymetrical shawl design which you can see some of in this post here 


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  1. Lyn

    This looks beautiful! I just got my first cake of the Whirl (in Raspberry Rocky Roads) and now I know what to make with it!! Thanks xx

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