A blanket, a scarf, a cardigan and several episodes of “Tin Star”….

Hey Guys, I’ve not been away deliberately, I’ve just been VERY BUSY actually doing some knitting and crochet!  So much that I’ve been too busy to blog! eek sorry!  I’m happy to be able to share my progress today though.

Starting with….”a blanket”

You’ll remember in these posts here, I confessed my WIP shame for both my Knitting Projects and my Crochet Projects.  So ashamed was I, that I’ve been working on my blanket every night…..

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I shared my progress on there!

I managed to finish off the main stripes on Tuesday night.  That just left weaving in the ends!!

If you read my WIP shame post, you’ll know that I’ve been using this part-finished blanket as a blanket for a while now.  I had therefore weaved in MOST of the ends already, I just had about half the blanket to go…. *groans*


But I finally managed to get it finished and managed to get the border finished on Thursday night…


So yay, its now officially a blanket!


I was brave and after checking that the Stylecraft DK that I’d used to make it was washable, I put it through the washer with a bit of fabric softer.  Its so much softer now and smells lovely!


then…a scarf…

Not one of my “Graveyard WIPS” but still WIPs I’ve been working on for a month or so….I moved onto doing a bit more on my linen stitch scarf…

I got a bit of help from Freddie the Field Mouse last week


As its a bit of a mindless knit, I was able to get some more done on this on Friday and Saturday night.  Its not quite long enough to be used as a scarf yet…but it is getting long!


Next…A cardigan…

I started off my “Stripes gone Crazy” cardigan at the beginning of August but found it a bit complicated for simple knitting, it needed concentration and in August, I wasn’t feeling it…!

In August, I got this far…

Stripes Gone Crazy Cardigan

This weekend I’ve been working hard to get some more completed.  I’m almost to the start of the stripe section.  Its worked in 4ply yarn, which means it takes ages to get there, I’m so excited to get it finished though!!

It doesn’t look like a lot still but this is how far I’ve got this weekend!



and several episodes of “Tin Star”…

Has anyone else been watching this…with Tim Roth?

I’ve been watching it this weekend, wasn’t at all what I expected but over the last two days I’ve managed to binge-watch several episodes….!

Unfortunately, I’ve got through the whole series now…so need something else to watch whilst I’m knitting!

Any ideas???



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  1. Hooray for the finished blanket! And the scarf & cardigan look like you’ve been making good progress on them, too.

    We just finished watching Westworld over the weekend. (We’re a bit behind on these things…) It was quite good, but most people I know have either seen it already or don’t have HBO.

      1. I’ve been enjoying finishing things, too! It can be so nice to see the project used. Best of luck that this continues for you!

        We loved Westworld, too. I’m not sure if we saw more or fewer of the twists coming since we binge-watched it instead of watching one per week… still, it was very enjoyable! Season 2 is coming in 2018, I believe.

  2. Love your colorful blanket. Also the term graveyard WIP. I can relate. Enjoy seeing your beautiful projects and know exactly what you mean when you say concentration required or the mindless Knitting. So those are my thoughts today.

  3. I love the blanket. Great colours! Crazy Stripes does require a fair bit of concentration. Probably why I keep stalling on mine. I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of Tin Star but haven’t got back to it as we’re watching the final season of Castle. Tim Roth is great though. Have you seen Lie to Me?

  4. Ends, ends, ends, Stripey blanket do have lots of them as I know but worth it in the end. Looks lovely. I enjoyed knitting top down jumper except for sewing in the ends when there were no seams! At least with a cardigan you have edges!
    I’ve never washed my blankets good to know Stylecraft washes well.

  5. Once I was so lazy to weave in the ends in a stripey towel that I jest cut them to the same length and decided to act as if it was a fringe, made on purpose 😉 Sometimes laziness leads to creativity!

    Very eager to see the finished cardigan, I love fingering yarn and I love cardigans so I’m intrigued!

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