Hygge CAL Week 4

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my progress on the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017.  I’ve been faithfully keeping up with each week and so I thought it was time for a further update.

Yesterday I finished week 4!  The design for this week wasn’t inspiring me and so I decided to go off-piste a little bit with my own design.  I found some cross-stitch roses that I really loved and decided they had to go in.  I lovingly inserted them into a chart to make them fit into the required number of stitches.  One each side.

But….what to put in the middle??  I thought about the flowers that mean something to me and roses are one (my garden is full of the thorny little so and so’s!).  The other flower that I think of at this time of year are bluebells.  My mum loves them, esepcially because they come out to say “Hi!” for her Birthday in early May.  I thought maybe bluebells with roses each side? The problem with cross-stitching on crochet is that your design has to be super simple because you don’t have a lot of “squares”.  Fitting bluebells in was a bit hard, but I came up with this…

Hygge Week 4 update

It was “average” I decided.  It may feature somewhere, but not this week…I thought back to the gauge swatch that we had to do in week 1 of the CAL.  It had a beautiful colourful heart on it.  Wanting to save yarn, I’d done it in some of the same type of Scheepjes stonewash, just not the stuff from my kit.  That meant I didn’t have a beautiful gauge swatch like everyone else.  I was missing out!!  So…what about the heart going in the middle??  A winner I think….and with a bit of tweaking to the rose stems, and the addition of a couple of extra leaves, it all came together nicely!


So this is week 4 finished, and I’m pretty pleased with how beautiful it is so far…I can’t help getting it out of the box to gaze admiringly at the lovely colours.  I can’t wait for it to be finished!!


Who wouldn’t want that heart in your life??

And the complete piece so far looks like this….


It needs blocking but I love it!! 🙂

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