WIP Update – New Cardigan design

Last night was our work’s Christmas party.  Its always a good laugh, filled with dancing, a late night and possibly slightly more then the strictly recommended intake of alcohol….I decided to take today off to recover!!

I went “steam punk” so please forgive me for the black fingernail polish…it was all part of the costume!!

So, my way of recovering from too much dancing…shall i go for a run? I really really should but its cooooooollllldddddd so….NAAAAHHHH….I’m sitting under a duvet, on the sofa, catching up with some knitting whilst watching films! 🙂 Happy Friday!

I thought whilst I was having a lovely snuggly knitting day, that I’d share my latest WIP with you.  So here it is…

Its a cardigan, knitted using fingering/4ply yarn.  If you’ve seen my “Crazy stripes” cardigan posts (still loving that!) here, here or here you’ll know I’m in love with Cascade heritage sock yarn.  It’s super soft and has a lovely “drape”.  SO…I’m using it again for this cardigan.

I do love knitting stripes…so this cardigan also uses stripes, but this time in my own design.


As you may have heard me mention (several thousand times) I am NOT a fan of seaming in sleeves….mainly because I’m not very good at keeping it neat.

I do love a “raglan” sleeve, however I find that they don’t had a lot of structure and can go a bit floppy (you can sew in yarn around the neck to firm this up, but that isn’t always practical!)

I was looking around therefore for an alternative with the simplicity of raglan but with a bit more structure.  I also discovered this contiguous set in sleeve technique.  Developed by Susan Myers.  Its so simple, yet so effective and gives the structure I want but good news….no sewing!! yay!


To make it you make increases along the “top” of the shoulder and then increases around the sleeve cap to get the shoulder shape.  It makes a great shaped sleeve too.

Have you used this already?  I may well be coming late to the party I know!!!

You can find Susan Myer’s instructions on Ravelry here.

This cardigan has a bit of a wrap front…as you can see, I have the rest of the front hem to do and then I have to get onto the sleeves…..argh the sleeves, I really dislike knitting sleeves for some reason.  Something about going round and round in circles!!


As this is “jo-creates” and I am currently creating, I will be publishing my pattern once I have finished, got it written up and tested! Just in case anyone else fancies some random stripes in their life!

Right, time to get back to my knitting and Jonny Depp (mmmm) in Pirates of the Caribbean for me!

Have a happy weekend folks! 🙂





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  1. M-R

    How very beautifully you knit ! – and how more than somewhat complex your creative pattern looks, to an old broad who can’t handle top-down at all.
    Sighh …
    I’ve never in my long life been part of a knitting or crochet ‘group’ – never had a single friend who shares The Need; and so have never been able to master any intricacies for want of the availability of local advice.
    I don’t suppose you can refer me to a comprehensible source of instruction, Jo …?
    With admiration and regards from Downunder,

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