Sheepjes Whirl Shawl Update – Liquorice Whirl Shawl

Scheepjes Whirl Shawl - Liquorice Yum Yum

I’ve finally finished my second Scheepjes Whirl Shawl – this is my Liquorice Whirl Shawl!!  I’m happy with how it has turned out, the only thing I wish was that it was slightly shorter, as you can see from these pictures its turned into a monster!


I can get it to wrap around me nicely though to keep me warm and I am really happy with the way that the transition has worked out.


I ended up chopping some of the white and grey sections out of each ball to make it shorter, but could have gone further with that I think.  The pattern was really simple to work and as always, the Whirl yarn was lovely to work with.


I’m going to give another of these designs a try I think!!

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I’m also working on a new Scheepjes Whirl Shawl using Blueberry Bam Bam.  You can see a sneek preview in this post here.

EDIT September 2017:  This pattern is now available here!

If you’re into shawls and fancy a knitted one, I’m also working on an assymetrical shawl design which you can see some of in this post here 


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  1. Sue

    I love this shawl! Found it while looking up projects for Whirl and bought the pattern… only to find that it’s a chart! Was it easy to follow? Do you think 1 ball would be sufficient?

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