My First Brioche Cowl is finished, just in time!

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was learning Brioche Knitting, using this fantastic I found this beautiful bandana cowl by Lavanya Patricella. It turned out to be a super-quick knit, I managed to get it finished in just 5 days…! I’m also pleased to report that Brioche knitting isn’t really as hard as […]

I’m so NOT a “completer-finisher”…or am I…?

I was looking through the list of posts that I have part-written over the past year and I’ve realised I need to get better at finishing posts. I currently have 15 un-finished posts (16 if I don’t post this one too!! 🙂 ); There are the things I’ve had ideas for and not completed and […]

How to make the Slip Slip Knit (SSK) and why!

Slip Slip Knit (SSK) is the “sister stitch” to K2tog.  Both decrease the number of stitches you have. Like most knitting stitches, “Slip Slip Knit (SSK”), describes what you do…to reduce a stitch this way, you will carry out the following steps: Slipping “knitwise” simply means putting your needle under the stitch as if you […]

How to Knit two together (K2tog) and Purl two together (P2tog)

In this post I’m going to show you how to Knit two together (K2tog) and Purl two together (P2tog) These are both “decrease” knitting stitches.  These techniques will help you reduce the number of stitches that you have.  Your pattern will usually tell you which to use. How to Knit two together (K2tog) This is […]

Brioche isn’t just a type of bread you know…

I love Brioche, especially the chocolate kind….but this post isn’t about the bread brioche, its about the knitting brioche! Brioche knitting is a kind of one or two (or more?) colour knitting technique which uses yarn-overs to create a thick textured, multi-coloured fabric. Like this fabulously intricate shawl (“Sizzle Pop“) by Lesley Anne Robinson Or […]

How to M1L and M1R and remember which is which!!

How to Make 1 Left (M1L) and Make 1 Right (M1R) I’m going to show you how to M1L and M1R.  These are increases made on the knitted side of your work.  Not sure what I mean by “knitted side”? check out this post here To make a M1L or a M1R, you will use […]