Scheepjes Whirl Pattern – Rough Diamonds Shawl now released

You’ll have seen in this sneak preview that I’ve been creating a new Scheepjes Whirl Pattern.  For a few months now I’ve been busy designing and testing a new shawl using Scheepjes Whirl.  I LOVE a Scheepjes Whirl pattern! It’s such a lovely yarn to work with!

Rough Diamonds – a Scheepjes Whirl Pattern

So here it is! I’ve finally finished my Scheepjes Whirl pattern for a shawl! It’s now published on  Ravelry.

You can find it on Ravelry here

You can also download it directly by clicking here

Scheepjes Whirl Pattern Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds Shawl – hits and tips

As I was going through designing this shawl, I thought of a few things that might help.  Especially if you’ve not crocheted much before.

Starting chain – Use Stitch Markers every 50th stitch

As this shawl was designed for Scheepjes Whirl, which has a gradient, I’ve done this so that the gradient fades from top to bottom.  That means that this shawl is crocheted from the top-down and therefore has a VERY LONG starting chain.

It’s sometimes difficult to keep count of such long chains, so my tip is to use stitch-markers to mark every 50th stitch, that way if you lose count, you don’t have to go too far back.

Also – If you’re anything like me, sometimes I pick up or drop stitches in that first row into a starting chain, having stitch markers in also helps this row as you can check that you have 50 stitches each time you get to a marker!

(You could also try using foundation treble crochet if you want!)

Crocheting into chain-space – if possible, avoid!

A lot of the stitches that you will be making in this shawl will be into a chain-stitch of the row below.  Its really tempting (and faster!) to crochet into the chain-space and not the stitch.  Whilst you can do this, I find that these stitches will slip around a bit more, meaning that you lose some definition.

If possible, I recommend crocheting into the stitch.  Sometimes, the first chain in each space is hard to find, but the second one is much easier.

A half-way house would be to crochet into the chain-space on the first stitch in each pair of two and into the chain itself of the next (second) stitch.  This seems to work for me!

Starting Chain is a stitch – last stitch will be in turning chain

The starting chain on each row is counted as a stitch.  Each row starts and ends with either 5 stitches (a chain 3 and 4 trebles to start) or 3 stitches (a chain 3 and 2 trebles to start).  That means that the last stitch of each row will go into the top of the turning chain from the row below.

Blocking – Do it – its essential!

There are a number of different types of blocking (I’ve written about how I block garments here…).  For this I’d recommend wet-blocking.  I also like to use a little “Eucalan” when I do this to make it smell lovely!

Some people HATE blocking knit / crochet items, others (like me!) love it. For this shawl I’d say its essential, you’ll probably find that you finish it and its been screwed up in a bag, scrunched up to crochet it, etc whilst you’ve been working on it, blocking it will open-up the pattern and really make it pop!

Each line is simple really – ignore the chain spaces

For each row, the repeat is the same all the way across, you just have to work out what the repeat is…for example this row (chosen at random!) is as follows:

Ch3 (counts as stitch), 4tr, ch2, sk2, 2tr, ch2, sk2, 6tr, then *ch2, sk2, 10tr, ch2, sk2, 6tr, ch2, sk2, 4tr, ch2, sk2, 4tr, ch2, sk2, 6tr repeat from * until there are 11 stitches left, ch2, sk2, 2tr, ch2, sk2, 5tr

If you look at the stitches I’ve highlighted Green and Orange.

  • The set up of this row (in green) is 4 trebles, then 2 trebles, then 6 trebles, each with a [chain 2, skip 2] space in between)
  • The main repeat across the row is 10 trebles, 6 trebles, 4 trebles, 4 trebles, 6 trebles (each with a [chain 2, skip 2] space in between.  I was chanting “10, 6, 4, 4, 6” to myself as I went across the row!
  • The end of the row is 2 trebles and then 5 trebles, with a [chain 2, skip 2 space]

Scheepjes Whirl Pattern Rough Diamonds

This Scheepjes Whirl Pattern, my “Rough Diamonds” shawl has been a labour of love, several-months in the making.  I hope you enjoy making this shawl as much as I enjoyed designing it! 🙂



24 Responses

  1. In the paragraph headed “Starting Chain is a stitch – last stitch will be in turning chain”. Where you say “5 stitches (1 chain and 4 trebles to start) ” Don’t you mean ‘5 stitches (3 chain and 4 trebles to start) . (and the same for the 3 stitches). I only mention it because I was a bit confused until I decided it was a mistake. No need to publish this.

      1. Yes, I understand now what you meant. I suppose I was confused because of the two different meanings of ‘chain’. In theory I am happy to be a pattern tester. Trouble is that if it meant making a shawl like that it would take me months and keep me from my other projects. So maybe for small projects. I am however prepared to proof read and flag up anything that I think is confusing or an error.

  2. Donna

    Fantastic shawl I used a DK yarn (as when I found the pattern I didn’t have a whirl) and it’s soooo snuggley and warm, my friend fell in love with it and did hers in a whirl. I was 200 stitches short of yarn so purchased another ball and added an extra starting/finishing border xx

  3. Sharon Splett

    I am making a different pattern, Halata, with Scheepjes Whirl. Trying to find info about blocking this yarn. If it is necessary or not. Wet blocking is soaking it for awhile then pinning to blocking board to dry, correct? Thank you for any insight you have. By the way, your pattern is lovely!

  4. Polly Warnes

    I made this shawl with the 311 stitches as suggested but I found it wasn’t quite long enough. How many extra chain do I need to make it longer and keep the pattern correct please.

  5. Joanne Carr

    I came across your Instagram by chance today and I thought ‘ooh shes called Jo so she must be good haha’ I’ve just got my first Whirl and this design is amazing, I was hoping it’s easy to do as I’m still a newbie to crochet, but my gosh your pattern is VERY detailed so I’m sure I’ll be able to do. I’m excited to get started now!

    Jo (KnittyJoJo on Instagram) xx

  6. Suzie

    Hi! A year later and I just saw this. I’d love to make a rectangular blanket with this. Do you have the multiples so I could change it???

  7. Liz

    Great to see your Rough Diamonds pattern at the top of a Pinterest email I just received, Jo! I’m currently following it but have decided to make it into a scarf rather than a shawl by missing out rows 18 to 36! Thanks to your detailed instructions and excellent chart I think the pattern should still work, hope you don’t mind?! Will let you see it when I’ve finished x

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