WIP Monday – New Cardigan and Jumper!!

I know “WIP Wednesday” is traditional but I’m not always one to follow the rules, so here is “WIP Monday”!  I thought I’d share my progress on my current WIP’s with you.  I’ve been a bit absent from blogging recently, but thats because (along with many Christmas nights-out!) I’ve been concentrating on knitting.

WIP 1 – Random Stripe Cardigan

I’m currently working on my “random-stripe” cardigan.  Last time I posted I’d got this far. As you can see, I’m now up to and most of the way through the sleeves (they are 3/4 ones!).


I HATE knitting sleeves, I really need to find a sleeve-lover so that we can exchange projects when i get to the sleeves and they can finish them off.  So many projects stall at this stage for me!  Because I want to get this design written up and into a “test-knit” though, I’ve persevered this weekend with the sleeves.

I’m using “fingering-weight” cascade heritage solids for this project.  I LOVE this yarn but being fingering, it takes much more time to knit.  It is totally worth it in the end though!

WIP 2 – “Ease” Aran-weight jumper

I did have a slight break before getting onto the sleeves on my random-stripe cardigan though and started this Aran-weight jumper called “Ease” by Alicia Plummer.  With a little help from some “train-knitting” on Wednesday, I managed to get all the way through the body and got to the sleeves in a little over a week of knitting.  Aran Jumpers “grow” so much faster than “fingering-weight” ones!!


I’m using aran-weight Millamia “naturally soft aran” for this project.  It has some great stitch definition, I’m hoping it looks good when its finished!

Unfortunately, as I’d got to the sleeves, guess what….once again the project stalled.  I’m now at the stage where I have two projects on the go which need the dreaded sleeves doing.

To procrastinate a little further on the sleeve-front, I have started doing the neck on this jumper.  It has two options, a normal open-neck version and a cowl-neck version.  I’m not sure that the cowl-neck will suit me but I do like the look of it on other projects in the ravelry gallery so I’m going to give it a go and see how it looks, I can always rip it back!


STBWIP (Soon to be work in progress)

When I was hunting around for something to make next (when I choose Ease) i saw a couple of other really nice-looking cardigans using aran-weight yarn.  I like this “Everything Nice Hoodie” by Tori Gurbisz and this “Concertina”  by Caroline Levander.  I’m going to give both of them a go I think.  I’ve bought these lovely colours of Cascade 220 and as soon as I’ve finished off both of the above projects I’m going to get cracking!

I’m thinking dark-grey and purple for the “Concertina”


And plain light-grey for the Everything Nice Hoodie.  Although I’m a bit tempted to add some purple accents to this one too, maybe on the bottom hem and cuffs.  I’ve not fully decided yet!!


Well, best get back to it! I want to get at least one of these finished by Christmas if I can!!

Hope you’re all having a good week and not stressing too much about Christmas!



16 Responses

  1. M-R

    I would give every one of my wisdom teeth (I have all four) to be able to knit as well as you do.
    Sighh …
    That “Concertina” is particularly appealing; and as it comes in sizes to suit big old broads, I believe I will see if there’s any way I could master all those bits of methodology.
    Do knit it next; and post descriptions of the various stages ?
    Regards fro Downunder

  2. The “Everything Nice” hoodie is somewhere in my queue too… I’m really interested to see how yours turn out, if you decide to knit it. I also wish I was so proficient at knitting to be able to knit it in DK weight, because like you, I prefer lighter yarns for cardigans – fingering or DK.

      1. Oh yes, I just mean to change the pattern to work with thinner yarn, that’s something I still have to learn 😉I mean logically thinking (ha!) it should be easy based on the gauge but I just don’t have faith in myself 😊

  3. I follow quite a few blogs and sometimes I scratch my head at the yarn/pattern combination that people choose. Not yours, they are absolutely beautiful. Simple clean and exquisite knitting, nice and even, shows off the knitwork perfectly. Good luck on these projects they’re going to be great.

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