A Giraffe is born – meet Gerty…

Knitted Toy - Gerty the Giraffe

Some time ago, one of the members of one of the many Facebook groups that I’m in was doing a “WIP-dive” project.  I thought it was a great idea so I went into the box of WIP that I have and found a half-finished giraffe.  I decided to finish her off…and today I have! 🙂

Last night, in front of the telly, I did the last of the knitting, finally finishing off her last leg.  So today was time to sew her together!

I started off by checking I had all the bits!!  My other half wandered over…..

“why are you dismembering a giraffe on the table?!?” he said.

“I’m not”, I said, “I’m stuffing and sewing it of course”.

How much more normal could an exchange like that be?  Needless to say, he rolled his eyes and wandered off to do something more interesting!!

So here she is “dismembered”….


First job is to sew all the parts together.  I started with the body…

sew up body

I used mattress stitch, because it is magic, when you pull it tight, the join disappears!

pull tight

I like to “stuff as I go” because I find it easier to get the right amount of stuffing in, too much and the stitches pull apart, but not enough and its all wrinkly…and I can’t honestly think of anything that is better wrinkly…?


Once I’d got the body stuffed, I sewed the ears onto the head and attached the eyes.  I decided to use these bobbly eyes!


Next, I attached the head to the body and sewed and stuffed the legs…ready to attach…

stuff legs

Before finally sewing her all together!

attach legs

Done! 🙂

She went off for a munch of some flowers in the garden….


And I introduced her to her new friend, “Yarnagon”

giraffe 6

I hope she’s happy living with us!

Oh – by the way, the pattern is by Amanda Berry.  You can find it on Ravelry here

Have you ever made any stuffed animals, knitted or crochet?  I’d love to see pictures if you have, I know you can’t share pictures in comments but feel free to post link to your blog if you’ve blogged about it or you could post on my Facebook page…. Jo Creates Facebook Page

I’d love yo see them!!



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  1. I love her!! I’ve done a few amigurumi projects myself – I know they take a lot patients and time to complete – congratulations on finishing a sweet WIP!!

  2. What a cutie! Neat sewing too, that’s what always lets me down, my sewing, I’m actually a very neat sewer (not a drain, a person who sews lol), but not when it comes to putting creatures together!

    And as for things that are better wrinkly, the first image that flashed through my mind…Nora Batty’s stockings!! 😀

  3. Pleased to meet Gerty – she is just so adorable and looks happy to be getting acquainted with Yarnagon. 🙂 And yes, isn’t mattress stitch pure magic. Very good strategy to stuff as you go. Thanks for sharing the process. 🙂

    1. did you ever make a series of kitty? that would have been fun. yes. try something with legs and arms! 😊 Amanda Berry has some lovely designs. or make something up? knitted monsters are on my agenda soon. you could let your imagination run wild there!! 😊

  4. Cute giraffe! The first thing that comes to mind which you would want to be wrinkly is a raisin, and I’m not going to knit a raisin.

    1. 😂 good point! although the designer in me is contemplating what the pattern for a knitted raisin would look like…..i think you could make it cute hats!!

    1. thanks for sharing! Rochelle is lovely! I know what you mean about starting a more advanced project! how would you learn otherwise though! did you ever make bunny two?

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