Whirling around…

As well as continuing with my Hygge CAL, I’ve also been working on my Whirl shawls.  This week its time to show you the “Green Tea Tipple” one that I’m working on.Last week I showed you the brown one that I’m working on, using the “Bruinen” pattern (on Ravelry).  After I posted last week, I realised (courtesy of some assistance from some people on Ravelry!) that I’d totally messed up the stitch-count.  I had to frog back about 10 rows and start again.  I’m glad I did though, its much more “triangly” now!  Consequently, it looks like I’ve got no further this week. but in fact I’ve done another 10 rows, just right this time!!

My “Green Tea Tipple”  yarn showed up (at work!) on Thursday…I had to sit through a WHOLE afternoon of meetings before I could go home to play with the yarn.  The people I was in a meeting with were totally bemused by how excited I was about some yarn.


I’m following the “Atlantic Lace Shawl” pattern, (also on Ravelry…..!)  The yarn is really lovely and I’m loving the colour of this one even more than the Brown (although the brown is still great!). I’m nearly onto the final colour-change before we start getting the green/blue yarn coming through.  I really love working on colour-change projects like this, its addictive…

I’m sat there thinking

“…this will be the last row…..oh….OK….just one more row and the new colour might come through, I sooooo want to see what it looks like, OK, but this REALLY is the last row now….but…one more……GAH!…”

The way the colour changes is pretty clever.  I’m currently working towards the pale grey section in the centre of the yarn.  My Jewel Hygge seemed to want in on the action in this picture too!!!!



As you can see from the following picture, the yarn has a twisted ply and to make the colour change gradually, every so often another strand of the new colour gets added.




Its really very clever!! Well done Scheepjes!!




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I'm afraid to say that I'm a little obsessed with things yarn-based or food-based! not yet been able to combine the two..... knitted spaghetti anyone???

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