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Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn

Soooooooo….this week I have mainly been knitting to be honest (sorry Crochet!)

I’ve been making some solid progress on my new shawl design (Need to think of a name, any ideas welcome!)


I was even doing my bit for “knitting in public” earlier and I knitted on the train down to a customer meeting in London.  I didn’t even get a strange look!!


Last night, I started a new cardigan.  Its the Stripes Gone Crazy cardigan.  Its a little complex, I even had to get my row counter out!!


I’m knitting it using Cascade Heritage Solids, its a 4ply fingering yarn and is SUPER soft and smoochy!!!!  I’m doing the main colour in a very dark blue (“Night” its called!) and the stripes in a burgundy colour.  As you can see I’m  not very far into it so far but I only started last night so give me a break!! 😉


I’m also an obsessive Raveller (is that a word?) and so I’ve been having much fun looking at new patterns this week (hence why I’ve ended up starting this new cardigan, its been on my wish-list for AGES!!!  If you’re interested in seeing my projects, old and new, you can find me on Ravelry here! 🙂

JoCreates8 Projects

What have you all be up to this week?  Started any new projects or finished any off?




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  1. Such beautiful wools! 🙂 I’m totally obsessed with my knitting at the moment and started my first ever jumper last week. I now have a completed back and have cast on for the front but that is as far as I have gotten. My second bunny needs to be knitted as it is for a special gift so I may need to get on with that as its starting to yell very loudly.

    1. oh nice. what jumper are you knitting? I love knitting clothes. I hand- washed a couple of my knitted cardigans at the weekend and it inspired me to have another go! good luck with the bunny!! 😊

  2. I’ve done my bit by crocheting on public transport and get quite disappointed when I don’t get strange looks! I’m currently working on a Tunisian crochet blanket but am looking out for an amigurumi badger pattern. I’ve recently been told that the badger is the mascot for my son’s scout troop (he’s one of the leaders) so I thought it would be nice for them to make a few for them.

    1. I know. I always near stories about people who strike up conversation with the person next to them on the train, because that person in a closet-knitter but it never happens to me *sigh*. I’ve recently been teaching myself Tunisian crochet. I love the effect. I bet a blanket looks great! 😀

  3. Norfolk Knit

    Hi Jo – I remember knitting on the train going to a business meeting in London and one of my colleagues leaned across and said – “is this a sign of the times ?” – ie are you pregnant ! As if knitting in public is ok if it is for your expected baby ! Glad to hear the world has moved on.

  4. We sail on Channel crossings several times a year and I always take some knitting as it’s the only chance I get to sit for a whole 6 hours and fiddle with wool! The other passengers are mostly unfazed by it but I have had some lovely comments and interest, too. In fact, one man sat and watched me knitting a sock for ages, he said his mum had taught him to knit as a boy and he thought it was a relaxing thing to watch! If I had been on your train I couldn’t have resisted saying hello, your shawl wool and pattern are gorgeous. 🙂

  5. Those look lovely! I’ve been working on my crocheted blanket that’s been in progress since April 2010, in the hopes that I can get it finished soon. I don’t get to KIP (or CIP) very often these days, though, since my commute is all done in the car and I can’t knit while driving down the freeway. Oh well.

    1. Thanks Nicole, I just nipped over to your site to oggle your blanket, its great! 🙂 I bet you’re looking forward to having it all sewn up! 🙂 🙂 Yes, KIP/CIP in the car is frowned upon by the police I think, best save it for home until Google hurry up with their driver-less cars!.

      1. Thanks, and yes – I am looking forward to having it finished! I can’t wait for the driver-less car so I can knit behind the wheel… 😉

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