A WIP in time…or is it nine?

I’ve just got back from a nice sunny Saturday run. I went “nosing” around all the posh houses and gardens (all £1m plus!) today.  I can only dream of owning one of those.

I’ve returned to the more reasonably priced end of town and an sitting on my patio pondering what to do next!

I thought I’d share quickly what I have on my hooks and needles at the moment before I get on with the serious task of the weeks washing and ironing!

I’m working on this diamond shawl pattern using scheepjes whirl.  This is “blueberry bambam”. It’s a pattern I’m working up and will share soon!

On my needles this week is a “WIP dive” project that I started months ago and need to finish. it will be a giraffe once I’ve knitted it legs and an arm, stuffed and sewed it! will share once finished! It’s knitted “flat” and then seamed but I can’t get on with straight needles! They are just too long! I do everything on circular needles, even if I’m just going “back and forth” on them.

Not strictly hooking or knitting, but still yarn-based! A friend at work requested “more pompoms” so I’m working on a Pompom Garland project for her!

Assuming I can wrestle them off this dragon……

Finally I’m plotting what to make with this lovely stash of squishy yarn that I got from the Loop Knitting Shop earlier in the week.  I have a scarf design in mind!! [EDIT: Posting about scarf thoughts here!]

So many lovely squish bright fun knitting and crochet projects to make me happy!

That’s all for now!


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