Crazy Stripes Cardigan Update

I’m feeling the “pull” of a new project.  My phase as a monogamous knitter may be over!!  Last night I spotted an error that I couldn’t live with (it was an actual hole!) in the sleeve of my crazy-stripes cardigan and had to rip-back 20 rows…!!! I was so sad and a bit cross!!  I hate knitting sleeves at the best of times, they are so boring, round and round!!

I decided to share my progress with you to see if it will help me get my crazy-stripes mojo back!

Progress so far…

The main body knitting is completed, I just need to bind-off the hemline.  I wasn’t sure I was happy with such a small hem, so I didn’t bind it off.  On reflection I think I’m happy with it so will get it bound off!


I’ve completed the hem around the neck, just need to complete the two front button bands.  When I put the buttons I had bought against it, I just wasn’t happy with the colour-match so I need to get myself to the shops to buy some more.

That harmed my mojo a bit as I know I can’t finish it until I get time to go to the shops.  I also don’t want to knit the button bands until I’ve got the buttons, so I can make sure they are the right width! 🙂


Love / Hate Comparison…come on Mojo!

So, to fall back in love with this, what do I love about it…..

  • I do love way that the stripes curve round though! very happy with that!
  • I do love the yarn, so soft and smooshy
  • I do love the colour choice
  • I do love the pattern generally, has been fun to get my head around German Short Rows


What do I wish was different about it?

It is unfortunately, slightly on the large side. In width and length.  I’m hoping I can live with that once its finished.  If I knitted it again however, I’d knit a smaller size and miss out the two initial “non-crazy” stripes at the back to make it slightly shorter.

So, on balance, I love more about it than I hate! yay!

What am I being tempted by?

I said at the start that that I’m being tempted away.  I really am!!

I’m loving knitting stripes.  There is something about knitting different colours that keeps it interesting.

Last night, whilst frustrated at crazy stripes making itself go wrong.  (Yes it IS this inanimate knitted objects fault not mine…..!!!) I had a wander around Ravelry and found this pattern that I think will look good.  Windswept Cardigan

I’ve got this yarn in my stash which I think will work well.  Its also Cascade Heritage Solids sock yarn.  I’ve LOVED knitting with this yarn, it feels so nice!


So, I’m currently trying to resist casting on with this yarn and starting this new cardigan……maybe I’ll go back and cast-off the hemline on crazy stripes and try to fall back in love with knitting sleeves!

If I can’t then I’m going to have a go at the new cardigan!

Wish me luck!! 🙂




11 Responses

  1. It looks fab, I love the colours. Sleeves are incredibly boring, I’m bored. Mine also seems a bit on the big side but i dont know if thats because ive lost weight since starting it over a year ago.

  2. Looks great, love the stripes! I also don’t like knitting sleeves, especially that I constantly have to turn the whole jumper around and it’s so annoying.

  3. Looks great! This, though, is why I like knitting my sleeves up separately and then sewing them on. I generally dislike seaming, but I prefer it to having the whole sweater on my lap (and needing to turn it around and around) when I’m just knitting the sleeve.

  4. This sweater looks fabulous!!! I understand sleeve island is no fun, but what about doing them two at a time??? If you are able to work on the sleeves while you wait to go button shopping, at least you’ll have made nice progress! I also am always tempted by starting new things…which is why I have about 9 current WIPs…(I may or may not be exaggerating)…and am still tempted to start more.

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