Sunday Snowday. Getting in touch with my inner child!

Like a lot of the UK, we woke up yesterday morning to a blanket of snow.


As my cousin (Who lives in a ski-resort in France) pointed out, snow isn’t all that exciting to a lot of people.  For us in the wet and a bit too warm midlands though, the last time I remember proper snow (enough to make a snow-man type snow!) was 5 or 6 years ago!

Now, on a week-day, or a day that I have to actually go somewhere, I have to admit to finding snow a bit of a nuisance.  Yesterday though, I didn’t need to go anywhere so I could fully enjoy the snow yay! 🙂


I spent most of the morning looking out of the window, watching people go past chucking snowballs at each other , gingerly making their way along the snow-covered roads in their cars (or on foot!) and dragging sledges.  If I had net curtains, they would have been twitching, I’m such a nosey neighbour!!!

By lunchtime, I couldn’t resist it anymore so I went out into the garden to see what inspiration struck me.  Not having a small child to force into the cold to “cover my tracks”, I have to admit that I like making snowmen, for me, on my own….I’m not all that keen on making your plain common-or-garden snowmen…I’ve tried in the past but I can’t help myself…this is an attempt from a few years ago…


So I’ve also attempted…

snow-bird, snow-cat, snow-duck, snow-penguin and snow-polarbear!

This year though I decided to make a snow-dragon!!

It wasn’t as easy as I thought, I needed to lug a LOT of snow from other parts of the garden (I’m aching today!!) but here it is, snowdragon.


He looks friendly right??

As you can see from this picture, it was also still snowing, so the snow was trying hard to cover the dragon up again as I was making it.  I was also to hot to wear my hat…getting snowed on for an hour or so…by the end I looked like some kinda drowned rat!


I ran out of energy to make him any teeth (too cold and wet) sorry!  You get the general idea though!

In other news, I’m pressing on with my random stripes cardigan, I’m onto the sleeves now….and you know how I dislike sleeves….

…I dislike them so much that I’ve already got distracted and gone onto another project!!! I’m now making this “Ease” jumper by Alicia Plummer.  I’m making it in aran weight “milamila” naturally soft aran.  I had this yarn in my stash from when I was intending to make something else that never happened.  So I feel this is acceptable, using up my stash!! 🙂

Its not very interesting to take a picture of at this stage but I promise to take post pictures soon!

I hope you are warm and safe in the snow!  Did anyone else get in touch with their inner-child and make snowmen/animals? (either by your self or with small children for disguise??)

Happy Monday!







16 Responses

  1. norfolkknitter

    No snow here only rain so I can only look on with admiration for your dedication. I find the best thing about cold weather is that I get to wear all my handknitted jumpers – not all at once though !

  2. No snow here. We only get snow where I live once in a looooong while, and when we do it’s measured in millimeters (not inches) and doesn’t stick.

    I love your snow dragon! He looks more friendly without the teeth. 😉

  3. Those are some impressive snow sculptures! Coming from a country where winter lasts for half a year (or so it feels…) with abundance of snow, I must shamefully admit that I have zero talent in making snow sculptures. Even my “classic” snowmen look awful and I usually get impatient before they are finished so they might miss a head or body parts.
    So when are you going skiing? 😉

  4. Mrs Craft

    I love your snow Dragon! We had a little play, but my 3 year old slipped and bumped her head and decided snow wasn’t as fun as it looked any more. Ours melted before we could make a snowman, sadly.

  5. Brilliant!! I love them all, but especially the dragon!
    I made a teeny tiny snow family one year, that was fun. But so far there’s not been a flake of snow in Glasgow so I haven’t been able to make anything.

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