The Knitamals

I live with a whole host of knitamals….more keep coming to live with us each time I see a new friend that would like to be made!  More are coming…beware!

I learned to knit at Christmas 2015.  I was taught the basics of casting on, casting off, knitting and purling by my Uncle’s sister, who is a fantastic knitter.

I decided that I wanted to learn to knit in the October of 2015.  I’d seen a knitted cushion cover in the window of a local sewing shop and fancied giving it a go.  I’d asked for the things I’d need to make it for Christmas from my parents.  My mum (always wiser than me!) took some advice that the cushion cover might be a bit advanced for a beginner, but bought me some knitting needles, yarn and a book on knitting.

With the basic tuition and a computer I was able to learn how to knit back and forth and pretty soon I was hunting down new stitches and patterns to try.  Having discovered Ravelry pretty early in my knitting journey, this was where I started looking.20160125_211504_richtonehdr

My first attempt (Terry the Terrible Teddy”) didn’t go too well I have
to say.  Whilst the knitting itself was fairly straightforward, making his face look anything other than a squishy mess proved impossible!  Terry still lives with us though, I’m not one to abandon a knitamal just because its not as pretty as it should be!


Soon, I discovered some fantastic knitted toy patterns by Amanda Berry and started giving them a go.  They are simple to follow and my next creations were much more successful

We now have a whole host of knitamals living with us, with more on the way.  I’ve had to persuade some to move in with friends and family.  My brother and his girlfriend now look after the Christmas Slug and Robin, Horatio the Hippo went to live with my friend Jen, Rudolph moved in with my cousin and the teeny tiny penguins live with a friend from work.  It cuts down on the food bills, but mainly they just want to eat whatever we are eating…whilst we are eating it….turns out I can only Knit naughty Knitamals!!

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