30 Day Sketchbook Challenge – Week 3

Welcome to the third of my weekly round-ups for my 30 day sketchbook challenge 2018.  Just in case you’ve missed Week 1 and Week 2, I’m taking part in a sketchbook challenge.  Each morning a new “prompt” is released and we have to sketch something that relates to that prompt!  Some are easier than others!!!  This week has been a little “abstract” at times!

I promised to share all my pictures, good and bad, so here goes…

Day 15 – Water

I fancied having a go at painting the sea.  Something I’m not very good at.  I found a picture of a beach I went to when we were in Australia (Misery beach its called!).  I liked the way that there was a wave to try painting!  I cracked out the old watercolours for this one!


Day 16 – Still Life

Argh! Still-life….this one made me groan when the prompt came out….however I had these new pencils called “Inktense” to play with.  They are a bit like watercolour pencils, in that you draw on them in pencil, then paint over to make them into paint.  Unlike watercolours though, they are permanent, meaning that once they are dry, they can’t be “re-worked”.  That makes creating layers with them easier, and lots of fun!

I had a go at them to draw this pile of fruit! 🙂


Day 17 – Watches, Clocks and Time

Having drawn my favourite clock back in Week 1, I decided to go with the slightly more abstract “time” theme and draw a child’s hand and my hand.  Not the most perfect of drawings, my fingers aren’t quite as “sausage-like” as this drawing implies.  Hands are HARD though so I’m happy I gave it a go!


Day 18 – Favourite Word, Quote or Poem

My favourite word is probably “onomatopoeia” or “juxtaposition”…but those seemed hard to draw so I plumped for the “poem” one.  I’ve not got a favourite poem, but this prompt reminded me of a book of poems I have called “The World’s Wife” by Carol Ann Duffy.  They are written from the perspective of a famous person’s wife, or the female version of a famous person, like “the Kray Sisters” or “Elvis’ Twin Sister”.

Some are long but this (Mrs Icarus) is short enough to put on a page and illustrate…so I did.  I also like this one…


I nearly chose “Mrs Darwin”, which goes like this:

7 April 1852

Went to the Zoo.

I said to Him –

Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.

Day 19 – Fairytales

Like yesterday’s prompt, I wasn’t feeling very inspired by today’s prompt of fairytale.  I was also a bit short on time, so decided to go a bit abstract and draw this.  Can you guess which fairytale it is?


Oh and by the way, before those eagle-eyed of you let me know that I need to correct my spelling, these are known as “tails” in our house, I’ve not forgotten how to spell fairytale! haha!

Day 20 – People Watching

Today we had to sketch people.  The idea was to sketch people “out and about”, however the weather was AWFUL all weekend so I could only sketch at home.  Luckily my brother and his partner were visiting so I had extra options for “people” sketching.  In the afternoon we did a bit of relaxing in front of the TV and I got a sneaky sketch of my brother done whilst he was looking at his phone! (shhh don’t tell him!)


Day 21 – Outdoors

Another not easy one, today it was snowing as well as raining..bbrrhh!! I was uninspired by the drizzle and untidy garden (all I could see of the “outdoors” from the dry) so I flicked through my phone and found a picture I’d taken when out for a walk in November and decided to sketch that!


So that was week 3 of the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2018.  As for last week, some better than others, but overall I’m happier with this week’s sketching than I was last week! 🙂

Join me next week for the Week 4 update!



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  1. It’s so cool seeing your pictures, as well as your response to the prompts. It’s got to be rapunzel? I love the plait , I also like the top of the wave on your beach scene, and i love the way you interpreted time. The hands you’ve drawn look in proportion and lifelike even if your hand is not an exact replica. Well done for keeping this up every day too. Are you enjoying it or finding it a chore to have to do one everyday?

  2. Nicola

    Great artwork as usual. I especially loved learning that there’s a book of poems called The World’s Wife. It sounds hilarious.

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