Autumn walks, podcasts, knitting sleeves and minions!

Yesterday, the weather was cold and wet.  Today, Remembrance Sunday, is much nicer.  It is a typically cold November morning but the sun has come out.  I love sunny winter days, I get to put on my hand-knits and go out for a lovely walk.


So lets get started with walking and podcasts

Sometimes I like to just wander around and think about things but more often than not, I like to listen to an audio book whilst I’m out walking.

I got into audio books when I was running.  I found that it was difficult to match the pace I wanted to run with the pace of music, so I tried audio books.  Now I LOVE listening to books when I’m out running or walking.

More recently I’ve also started getting into podcasts.  I like the idea that I can learn something new whilst getting some exercise and fresh-air.  I started with “the freakonomics radio”, and their “tell me something I don’t know” podcast.  I learned about beef and carcass balancing!

I’ve also tried “adventures in space and Tim”, which is a fascinating podcast about space travel!

Then a friend recommended “the guilty feminist” as an interesting and funny one to listen to.  To be honest, I don’t really consider myself to be a “feminist”.  I do of course believe that there should be equality in life and that it doesn’t always happen that way.  I don’t believe though that men are all evil or any of the other stereotypes that someone may think of when they hear the word “feminist”.

As I wouldn’t put the friend that recommended it in the “bra-burning, I hate men” camp either, I decided to give it a go.  I listened to one with Jenny Eclair on, telling funny stories about “being a woman” that I found amusing.  I might give that another go I think.

But anyway, back to my walk….the leaves were really crunchy today.  At one point, I came around a corner to find a little girl (probably about 8 years old) kicking through the leaves having a great time.  She looked at me a bit sheepishly when she saw me and stopped.  If only she knew that I’d just been doing the same before I came round the corner! haha!


On my walk today, I’d chosen to listen to “Dom Jolly’s Big American Vacation”.  Those who do know Dom Jolly probably know him as being the guy with the big phone on “trigger-happy TV”.

I’m not the biggest fan of trigger happy TV, I don’t like the humiliation aspect, however I have discovered that I DO like Dom Jolly.  Despite the wacky TV shows, he is actually a really interesting guy.  He has written a few books about his travels to the more interesting parts of the world and about his life growing up in Beiruit.

I’m enjoying listening to his trip around America at the moment!  I recommend giving his books a go if you want a light-hearted look at travel!

On my walk today it was even just about warm enough to sit on a bench in the park for a bit!  I feel really lucky to live where I do and be able to walk by the river like this!


As promised – my Knitting Update

Crazy Stripes

I promised last time that the next blog post would include more than just wine with sheep knitting sheep on it and actually include some knitting so here goes…

I’ve been working on my crazy-stripes jumper.  I’m finding the sleeves REALLY tedious but they are starting to look like sleeves!….round and round and round…yawn


As you can see, I’m knitting them two-at-a-time, which takes a bit longer, but at least at the end you get two sleeves finished rather than having to go through all that pain again!!

After the sleeves are done, I need to go to buy some buttons for the front, then do the button bands and I’m done! 🙂 yay!

Thanks to everyone for your motivational words to keep me going on this project!!! 🙂

Windswept cardigan

Despite the motivation, which has been helpful not to just stick crazy stripes back into the WIP basket…I have to admit to slipping back into old ways and starting a new project before this one is finished!

I’m loving this Cascade Heritage fingering yarn and I stumbled on a great pattern on Ravelry for this “windswept” cardigan.  I started knitting it a week or so ago and have just got to the end of the sleeve-shaping, where I will split the sleeves and carry on with the body.

I’m hoping I have done it right.  I’ve counted and double counted the stitches.  On the pictures of other people’s cardigans, the front seems longer than it is on mine!


I’m planning on striping it up with a green/teal yarn, which looks like this, can’t wait to start the stripes…..!!!


And finally some minions!

So….now I’ve got my exercise for the day “out of the way”, I can get back to my knitting!

I intend to spend some quality time with my needles and a film…I’m currently thinking “Despicable Me 3” fits the bill for this afternoon…I love those Minions…hey don’t judge me!!!! haha! 🙂

Don’t forget, I did admit to having the same fun as an 8yr old girl earlier so why not!!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope whatever you’re up to today you find the inner 8-year old within you and enjoy it! 🙂




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  1. Podcasts can be great! For a while I was enjoying listening to the Star Talk Radio podcasts with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I stopped listening to podcasts for the most part, but I still love listening to audio books. Maybe I’ll get back to podcasts one of these days.

    Love the sweater progress (both of them!) and I LOVE your boots!

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