30 Day Sketchbook Challenge – Week 1

Hello!  As you may have read in my January 2018 Goals post, I’m taking part in a 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge!

Each morning, I get an email from the organisers Magenta Sky Printing with a new prompt. After some initial panic thinking “I can’t draw that!!!”, my little cogs start whirring.  There is a Facebook group to accompany the challenge, so after a bit of a browse on there for inspiration, by the end of the day I’ve usually managed to create something!!

By special request, I’m sharing my attempt at art on my blog.  I’m happier with some than others, but only sharing the ones I’m happy with seems like I’m cheating! So I’ll share them all, be they good or “needing improvement”! 🙂

So Week 1 is over, here are my attempts this week!

Day 1 – “Page of Pattern”

Out of my comfort zone straight away, I’m not very good at coming up with something spontaneous.  I decided to take inspiration from crochet mandala (and gin….well it was New Year’s Day!).  Drawn using just my fineliner pens.


Day 2 – Everyday Object

I decided to draw my yarn bowl for day two’s task.  I’m not so happy with this one, I really struggled to get the shading right! Today I drew using pencil


Day 3 – Leaves

I was back to work today so it was a little harder to draw.  I managed to find a couple of leaves in the garden before it got dark though.  This was my attempt at these!  I really struggled to get the perspective…not quite right.  I used pen and some charcoal for shading


Day 4 – Circular things

I was inspired by my favourite clock (bought by my lovely brother!).  Unfortunately, this was a bit advanced for me I think!!  I used Pen and Charcoal again for this one.


Day 5 – Straight Lines and Angles

Wow, tough one again!! After much pondering, I decided that as I had knitting to get on with too, (balancing knitting, crochet and drawing is tough…first world problems!) I would have a go at this optical illusion drawing that I saw on pinterest.  Not as good as the example one, but not bad for a first go!!  I used pencil and charcoal for this one!


Day 6 – Fruit and Veg

After initially being completely stumped by what to do..I decided to draw a banana…however, after heading downstairs, I realised I’d eaten the last one the day before! (DOH!!!) I did however come across a butternut squash and an orange.

They looked fun to draw and I had LOADS of fun trying out a new medium…soft pastels.  I’ve never used these before but they are loads of fun!  I didn’t quite get the shading on the orange in the right place but I don’t think that matters too much!


Day 7 – Fish

To be honest with you, I wasn’t feeling that inspired by today’s subject.  I wish I’d thought harder about it, some people were drawing some amazing images today.  I went with some simple fish patterns.  Promise to try harder tomorrow! 🙂  I used pen (again!) today.


So that’s it!  The first 7 days of the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge are completed.  Check back next Monday if you’re interested in seeing what I get up to this week.

Check in on Wednesday where I’ll update you on my knitting progress this week! 🙂





19 Responses

  1. My favourite is your fish pattern! I think it’s stunning. I think you must have got something right with the shading on your yarn bowl as it looks 3 dimensional. And I think your squash and orange are fab.
    You seem to be making the most of the opportunity to have a go at using new materials which is cool. Thanks for sharing them all

      1. AJ

        Sorry I don’t think I’m thinking of anything you wouldn’t have already- vase, dish, flower, piece of clothing, thread, sorry I’m not more help

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