You’ll be proud of me…I am knitting sleeves!

Hello, for those that have read some of my other posts, you’ll know I don’t like knitting sleeves.   I am however focussed on my January 2018 Goals, one of which is to complete this Everything Nice Hoodie.  I finished the body last week and so I had no option BUT to knit the sleeves…

When I started on Sunday evening, they were little cuff-stubs like this…


I joined a gin-club as a joint Christmas present for Mr Jo-Creates and me and the first bottle arrived on Saturday.  Rude not to try it out.  Especially as my lovely Grandma bought us both some new Gin Glasses for Christmas! (Thanks Grandma, I know you’re reading this!!).

With a little help from the Gin, I made some good progress on Sunday….


By the time McMafia started (anyone else watching that on BBC One?).  They were this long…


After to a solid stint of knitting whilst watching Peaky Blinders, on Monday night, the penguins helped me to measure them…..still not long enough!!!!


So here’s where I’m up to today…I think about another 3-4″ of sleeve knitting to do!! I must persevere!!


They are still not long enough, as you can see when they’re put alongside the body!


I’m super excited for this to be finished and I’m trying really hard not to get distracted….but…

…there is this Scheepjes Make Along (MAL) starting at the end of January, for the Read Between the Lines / Crochet Between the Lines shawl, designed by Tammy Canavan-Soldaat.One is a knit version and one is a crochet version.  Made using two balls of Scheepjes Whirl.

Now, you’ll know from reading other posts of mine that I can’t resist a Scheepjes Whirl Project and have made various shawls already, including this “Rough Diamonds” shawl of my own design.

Sooooo….never one to be able to resist….I’ve caved and I’m afraid to say that I’ve chosen my colours, “Green Tea Tipple” and “Tasty Nom Nom”for my CBTL / RBTL shawl. Isn’t it PRETTY!!!!!????


All I have to do now is decide which one to do, a knit or crochet version.  I’m currently thinking crochet, as I’ve not done a decent crochet project for a while!

Even though I’ve got the yarn, I’m not going to start until February!! Promise!  For now, I want to get this Everything Nice hoodie finished asap…January is starting to feel ambitious but if I do less drawing and more knitting, it may be possible!!

Well, I can’t sit here gabbing to you all night…best get back to those sleeves!

May your week be yarnful! 🙂









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  1. M-R

    Love (1) the gin angle, (2) the quality of your knitting, (3) the MAL patterns – both !, (4) your own Rough Diamonds pattern. All in all, I’m an ancient fan. [grin]

  2. Nicola

    I too am knitting a grey sweater, though it’s a lot chunkier than yours. I didn’t even pick it up last night so I don’t know how I expect it to be done by the end of the month. Love the Scheepjes Whirl. Maybe one day I will treat myself, but the last time I looked at it on the Wool Warehouse site it equated to about $36 Canadian for one cake. That put me off!

  3. Good job! It looks gorgeous!

    Also, since when are they making a TV show of McMafia? Have you read the book? I read it a couple years ago and it’s brilliant! Very fascinating stuff and very helpful for those crime thrillers I plan on writing. 😉

  4. I really don’t like magic looping, so I totally feel you for the sleeves! But, I’ve actually found that if I use a small cable (like really small, 30cm long), I’m happy to knit in a continuous circle 🙂 perfect for sleeves and socks! I really want to give the CBTL a go too, I’ve been full on knitting and it would be nice to have a substantial crochet project on the go (although I already have so many wips, but we shall not talk about those!)

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