Saturday WIP Update

So, you lovely lot!  I hope that you have had a good “between Christmas and New Year”.  Some of you will have had to work I know, I hope its not been too tough!  Others (like me!) will hopefully have had a break from the day-to-day.

I’ve not had an awful lot of time for knitting this week, but I did manage to make some progress on my  “Everything Nice Hoodie” that I described as a “Soon to be WIP” in this post last week.

I’m using this lovely Cascade 220 in grey


I had some gauge shenanigans when I started it.

I’m in between pattern sizes and also in between gauges.  The swatch I knitted also “relaxed” quite a bit when I washed it so I’m going with the washed gauge.  That makes it hard to try as I knit as its really a bit small!!!!

I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to convert the pattern all the way through the pattern so decided to go “safe” and knit the size M (36”), which by my calculations will be roughly the right size once blocked!  I hope!!!!  I’d rather slightly on the small side than slightly on the large side I think!

So far I’ve managed to knit this far…


It has these really cool pockets, which you knit by knitting the pocket-fronts, then picking up stitches behind to knit the inside of the pockets, then knitting the stitches together when you get to the top of the pockets to join it all up….I’ve not done that before, very clever!!


It also has this really nice ribbing at each side, an uneven pattern which I think will add a bit of interest!


Finally…check out this gorgeous yarn-bowl that I got for Christmas (thanks Mum and Dad!).


I love wooden things.  I think its so beautiful and it also stops my yarn from rolling away, ending up under the coffee table, etc.  One time I was knitting away and Mr Jo-Creates fell over my ball of yarn which had rolled away into another room whilst I was knitting!! I have unruly yarn!!!

Hope you are all having fun, whatever you are up to…and have managed to sneak in some Christmas knitting or crochet!!

Jo. Out


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  1. M-R

    Beautiful knitting ! That gauge story makes my blood run cold: you actually make swatches AND WASH THEM ? You have so little faith in the manufacturers’ claims then – and you were certainly correct, this time ! :-\

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