Hygge CAL 2017 Update – Week 2

So!  After some hard work yesterday, I’ve finally completed the second week of the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017.  Last week, “everybody’s bobbling….”.  This week involved some surface crochet slip-stitches and a lot of cross-stitch.

I found the cross-stitch a little challenging at first, its pretty hard to follow a pattern when the “holes” aren’t that visible.  I did a fair amount of “ssorc-ing” (thats undoing cross stitch, honest.  Look…if “tink-ing” is knitting (because tink is knit backwards) then I think “ssorc-ing” is cross-stitching backwards!).  Once I’d got the hang of it though, I was well away!! dsc01023_editeddsc01019_edited

I’m loving how this CAL has lots of different techniques.  It helps the “old hands” so they are doing different things and it also keeps it interesting.  I’m also loving how, the pattern getting released each week means that I have time to do things properly.  I spent some “quality time” weaving in the ends of week one earlier on, something I wouldn’t normally have bothered doing until the end of the garment….but with nothing better to do (on this item anyway!)

Well, that’s it for now!

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