It’s been a while…

Hello, its been a while since I’ve blogged.  I’ve been very busy with other things and I’ve also been suffering a bit with pain in my wrist (eek, too much crochet?!) so I’ve been taking it a bit easy the last week or so, giving my wrist time to heal a bit.  I’ve not been totally idle on the crochet front though since I last blogged, so I thought I’d share some of my progress!

I’ve been working hard on creating my Colourful Cocoon Shawl pattern.  I often enjoy working out a pattern for something “from-scratch”, or adding my own touch to other people’s patterns.  I think its part of the joy of being creative.  There are a LOT of very creative people out there and I really love browsing round (on Ravelry  usually) through the different projects people have made to get ideas for how to adapt patterns.

Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy following a pattern and, much like baking a cake, sometimes there are times when you really need to follow a pattern to make something work.  That being said, I think very rarely have I actually make ANYTHING that I don’t tinker with a little bit.  Adding a bit of bust-shaping to a cardigan or making the sleeves or hem-line longer/shorter, or tweeking the “knitamal” pattern to make a variation I like.

Usually though, when I make something without following a pattern, I fudge it a bit and make it work as I go along.  This time though, as I wanted to write the pattern for my Colourful Cocoon Shawl down, I needed to make sure that it worked properly.  *yawn* “properly” is such a boring word to me, I’m much more of a “heath-robinson” type of knitter/crocheter!  But I did it “properly” this time.  That did mean that I had to keep going frogging, re-calculating and re-counting when it didn’t quite work.  There is a lot more maths involved than I ideally like!!  The shawl I’m designing uses Scheepjes stonewashed, which is really nice and soft to crochet with.

The main colour is “Moonstone”, which is  a lovely soft cream colour.  It also has “Deep Amethyst”,”Blue Apatite”, “Red Jasper”,  and “Canada Jade” (shown in that order in the picture below) stripes and border / edging.dsc00958_editedI’ve got as far as completing the main shawl part and I have some ideas for the borders / edging that I’m working on.  I’ll get round to publishing where I’ve got to so far very soon.

My “Cosy-stripe” blanket is also coming along, I had a “fun” night earlier in the week where I did some of the weaving in of the ends on the stripes I had done so far.  I’ve got 4 colour sets and the border still to complete but the blanket is already coming into its own.  I was off work sick yesterday and I spent much of the day huddled in my part-completed cosy-stripe blanket feeling sorry for myself!


Because I can never really have enough “WIP”, I’ve also started the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017.  I’m doing it in colour “Rainbow”, which has a scheepjes stonewash background colour (black) and lots of lovely colourful bobbly cross-stitchy loveliness! The second week’s pattern has been released, but I’m a bit behind, having only got finished the first week.  I really must get that sorted soon!







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