Oops I did it again….

Earlier, I posted about accidentally buying yarn too gorgeous to use.  I’ve done it again…these Scheepjes Maxi BonBon yarns are gorgeous too don’t you think?  This time, I actually have a project in mind though…I’m planning on creating a pashmina / scarf using these yarns…so I am going to use them!


First, all I have to do is decide upon my colourway.  I’ve enjoyed how adding grey stripes to my cosy-stripe blanket gave it a uniform sort of feel, whilst the colours make it “pop”.    I’m imagining the shawl/pashmina will be rectangular and have stripe of different colours, interspersed with grey stripes and with a grey border.

Normally, my instinct is to go crazy with the colours but I’ve also got in mind that if I want to wear this, I might tone down the colour choices a bit so that I don’t feel quite so much like a rainbow!

I’ve been playing around with different colours that I could put together.  My immediate instinct is to do something really colourful like this…


Is that a bit too rainbow?…OK what about this…?


Or this…?


Decisions decisions…!!!

I love them both (and might make them both!) but I think that currently I’m more in the mood for cool blues than girly pinks so yes…I think this is the winner! – looks good with the grey too I think! yay!


If you’re interested, the Grey yarn is Scheepjes Catona (242) and the Scheepjes Maxi BonBon yarns are:


Tropic (124)

Cyan (397)

Vivid Blue (146)

Petron Blue (400)

Dark Teal (401)

Spruce (244)

Utramarine (128)

All I have to do now is work out my pattern….a job for another day I think!

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