You know you have a problem when…

…these turn up and you are so excited by how cute they look and how beautiful the colours are that you don’t really want to use them….


Yesterday, I was having a really boring Sunday, cleaning the house and getting it ready for another week at work.  The weather was “January”, drizzle, cold and grey.

…So, imagine my excitement when I opened the door to put out the rubbish, only to find a parcel in the porch.  Eagerly I ran upstairs and ripped open the bag, these beauties were inside.  I’d bought them thinking that it was a good way to get an idea of the different “paint-box DK” colours and they would work really well for making some granny-square patterns.  The problem is, they look too beautiful and I don’t want to ruin that by using them! They are only 10g, so won’t go far though…!

“Hello, my name is Jo and I have a yarn-stash problem!!!”


I decided to put them away and make sure that whatever I use them for, it is worth it.  I got back to cleaning the house…but I can hear them calling my name even now!

Once I’d finished tidying, I was able to get on with some more of the Cosy-Stripe blanket, with some wine on hand and re-runs of “Sherlock” on Netflix.  Have you seen that show?  I blooming love it! A friend at work has only just watched them, he mentioned that the first three series are on Netflix so I’ve been re-watching.  I’ve got through three episodes so far this week!

I’ve now completed the second “run” of the pink stripes and I’m half-way through the red ones too. As you can see from the picture below, its getting big enough to keep my feet warm now! (See Cosy Stripe Blanket (Part 2) and Attic24’s Cosy Stripe Blanket – My way! (Part 1) for details on how I’ve been getting on so-far, including having cold feet last Sunday night!)


In other news, I’ve decided to give the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017 a go.  The CAL is making a beautiful shawl.  There are four colour-ways to choose from, I’ve chosen “Rainbow” because it is so bright and colourful.

The yarn arrived on Wednesday! I’ve not un-boxed it yet (just hidden it so my other half can’t see that I’m feeding the stash!). I can’t wait until the 15th February when we get the first part of the pattern!


That’s all for now!

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