My WIP Graveyard – the crochet edit!

Last week I shared my knitting WIP shame.  As promised here it my Crochet WIP list.  This list is MUCH shorter (yay!) but I still feel a little shame-faced!

Exhibit 1 (m’lud)

What is it?:  This a blanket that I use every day, even though its not finished.  It still has the ends that need weaving in and it has 22 rows and a border left to do on it.


Pattern: Cosy Stripe Blanket

Started: December 2016

My excuse for not finishing: It works as a blanket already and its not that interesting to crochet.  It was also too hot to crochet a blanket in the summer!

Plan: Maybe I should crochet a row or two whilst I’m using it as a blanket.  I could get it finished in a few weeks I think!  I have other WIP I want to finish first though!

Target: To be completed by January 2018

Exhibit 2

What is it?:  This is a shawl pattern released by Scheepjes, week by week as part of a “Crochet-Along (CAL)”

hyddePattern: Hygge

Started: February 2017

My excuse for not finishing: I really enjoyed the excitement of getting a new part of the pattern each week and looking at what everyone else was making.  Unfortunately I got a bit behind and when there were no more patterns to “hurry-up and finish this week for” I got bored.  BLIMEY! this post is really telling on my psyche! I think a psychologist would have a field day with me!! hahaha!

Plan: I only had about 5 more rows and a border to go.  I will finish this at some point but right now I’m not that excited about using it.  It is super beautiful though!

Target: February 2018


Exhibit 3

What is it?:  Another blanket….


Pattern: Last Dance on the Beach (Last Dance in the Rain colours) by Scheepjes

Started: February 2017

My excuse for not finishing: This is one that i periodically pick up and do a few squares on.  I’m excited to have it finished but it doesn’t fuel my quest to learn new stuff so I only do a couple of squares at once. 

Plan: I think this is a good winter project.  I should aim to get this done by Christmas I think!!!

Target: December 2017


End with some good news

The scarf that I wrote about in my Knitting WIP post has been finished! 🙂 🙂 I messed up the join a little bit, but it is warm and snuggly.  Only time will tell whether I will wear it but its been finished at least!  WIP Graveyard has started shrinking!


So what about you?

So…are you a WIP-horder or are you super disciplined about your crochet projects??

If you’re a horder, help me out and share your shame too!  I dare you to share your WIP shame in your own post…!!

If you’re super disciplined, share your secret! 🙂




17 Responses

  1. Well you’ve got the order to finish them in sorted. You amused me with the thought of using a blanket before it’s finished. Now you see I just couldn’t do that! If I have a secret to not having semi-abandoned projects it’s called having all the WIPs lying around my sitting room so I can’t forget them!! 🙂

  2. These are all such lovely projects, definitely worth finishing . . .and surely 3 WIPs is a modest amount?! The shawl is beautiful, I love those colours. I set out this year to seriously keep my projects down to a manageable number (current count is 2 knits, 2 crochets and 0 spinning – very unusual! – on the go) but it is SO hard when the creative urge strikes, isn’t it? I think it helps if things are out of sight but then again, they don’t go away! By the way, thanks for the tip about Ravelry, I’m still getting my head round it but I’ve had a very happy week uploading projects . . . and drooling over everyone else’s, which of course means more projects being planned. 🙂

  3. Great post! Loving your “excuses” although really you don’t need to have excuses. I have a project that I have been working on for four years now. It’ll be wonderful when it is completed, but until then it is tedious.
    Have to go look up a shawl pattern now… Thanks for adding to my addiction!

  4. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in making excuses for not finishing every project right away! Luckily yours are really so very close to the light at the end of the tunnel that one or two more dates with the hook and they will be done. They are already a feast for the eyes:). Pretty pretty!

  5. Hooray for getting the scarf finished!

    I’ve recently discovered that if I keep a basket in the living room (where Mr. Wyrm can see it) and all of my WIPs have to fit in that basket (or risk Mr. Wyrm getting annoyed), I can manage my WIPs a little better. Plus, having them all close-at-hand means I’m less likely to “accidentally” go stash-diving when I head upstairs to collect one of my WIPs. (I used to keep the WIPs upstairs in the craft room. Moving them to the living room has been the best thing for WIP-management.)

  6. This Scheepjes shawl has been on my mind for a while now, but my project queue is already so long that I’m not going to crochet it anytime soon I guess… but I must say it looks beautiful!
    I’m an obsessive cleaner and organizer (like, really, to the point that I needed some therapy to relax a bit – and I assure you, psychologists can have a lot to say about most of us 😉 ) so I would worry myself to death if I had a few WIPs at once. Most I can handle is one knitting WIP and one crochet WIP, and even that bothers me. Another reason why I can’t have many WIPs are my cats… those rascals steal all the yarn, hooks and needles and I have a limited amount of boxes, project bags and storage containers. And most of them are filled with yarn anyways 😉 So out of necessity I have to control myself 😉

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