Garden Crochet – with extra Garden!

I’m really loving this May – the weather has been brilliant all month and I’ve been able to get a LOT of garden-based crochet and knitting done.

I’m currently working on my Last Dance in the Beach (Last Dance in the Garden) blanket… I’ve got three rows joined so far and am working on joining the fourth this weekend!


I’ve also got my Briochealicious shawl on the go…this has taken a slight back-seat recently so I’m cracking on with that again too.


I’m part-way through a new shawl I’ve been designing for the past few weeks.  I had an annoying moment where I had to rip out 10 rows as it wasn’t working as I’d planned.  Following a re-design this morning, I’m back on track though!


Problem with Garden crochet/knitting, is that you run the risk of the yarn running away!  I must dig out my yarn-bowl…!


It’s also the time that my garden is at its most lovely.  After all of the hot weather, rain and thunderstorms we have been having over the past couple of days, everything has suddenly come into bloom!

I moved one of my favourite plants, this “Bleeding Heart” earlier in the year and it has JUST flowered for the first time in its new position.  Isn’t it pretty!?


My roses are also going mental at the moment (I do love my roses!) and they are all putting on a good show!  My pots are also loving the weather at the moment…and I’m loving them too!

Here is a quick collage of the flowers I’m enjoying this afternoon in my garden!


May the garden-crafting continue for many months to come (and not turn into Autumn as soon as May was over, like it felt like it did last year!!)

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! 🙂




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